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Stronghold HD review
by Notly

This version brought significant improvements to graphics and compatibility with modern systems while retaining all the key elements of the original that made the game so popular.

One of the main updates in «Stronghold HD» is the support for modern resolutions, including 1080p and 2K. This allows players to enjoy a clearer and more detailed picture.

«Stronghold HD» retains the same mechanics and gameplay as the original game, focusing on castle building, economic management, and tactical battles.

Defending your castle from enemy forces and organizing your own attacks against opponents require strategic planning and effective unit management.

An important aspect is maintaining the happiness of the population, which affects productivity and economic stability.

The re-release of the game also attracted the attention of the modding community, which created numerous additional maps, scenarios, and modifications, expanding the possibilities of the original game.

If you are looking for a strategy game that combines economic management and tactical battles in a medieval setting, then «Stronghold HD» is definitely your choice.
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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Stornghold is still one of the best strategie games I have ever played. Eventhough it lacks the skirmish mode form Stronghold Crusader it's an amazing game, which aged very very well. The campagne is challenging and the villians became iconic over all those years. Combined with the beautiful art style and my childhood memories it is save to say: Stronghold is one of my all time favourite stragegie games and together with Crusader 1 in the top 10 of my all time favourite video games across all genres.

Translated by
Microsoft from French
I discovered stronghold with the HD version of the first, very nice game. Seeing the Edition including several stronghold games on promotion, I let myself try, after all, a rather well-scored sequel, I'm not risking anything, is it? I have however relatively quickly disenchanted. First mission (in the accented part on management) I quickly notice that the game is much slower, too slow. By the time that resources like stone or wood are routed to the designated place, you have time to make a coffee. Or ten actually. It's really slow. So know if the rest will not bother you, but there are shortcuts that can handle speed, we are saved. I guess it was not useful to say it in the tutorial? Either, this slowness is not what stopped me, I still enjoy the game until then. However a second problem surfaced, fires and wells. I have nothing against the idea of maintaining the buildings, I even find it a good idea so well executed, however here you end up with a fire in your city every minute, and not a small one. What forces you to do several wells, a little awkward that this is the most present building in your city but either, there is not the problem. It happens when the game has to designate which well will extinguish which fire, the path finding therefore, which is our third big problem. The drop of water that makes the vase overflow: the pathfinding is the reason that made me repay this game, I have already touched briefly on the problem of the wells, from times to time the game will decide to send the employee of a well that is not the most optimized at all , this would not really be a problem if only every how gone into flame did not reduce the life of your building, and extinguish the fire does not put this life back, it just prevents it from going down further. The problem of the path finding is even worse when it comes to combat. First mission where fighting is involved, bandits ravage my camp, I order my troops to attack them. After killing one or two units, some of my troops behind one of my buildings are starting to make straight left behind it, panzing and probably not knowing which way to go in order to reach the enemies? Result, the time to bypass the DIS building to these soldiers, the rest of my army to perish and I'm good to start the Mission again. By having enough, I try to launch stronghold legends. I notice that it is the same engine. I try to give him a chance, unfortunately the first mission (which allows me to manage troops from the beginning) quickly makes me understand that I am dealing with the same beast. Troops that do not attack after clicking on an enemy, half are not attacking either in offensive mode (often the melee units Besides, Javelin launchers seemed better to respond to orders) path finding yet to pick..... In short after that, I can only ask for a refund, it's very unfortunate, the options of buildings seemed more numerous than strongold HD and being a fan of city construction, I would really have liked this game but the various details I quoted are too frustrating, and I only played less than two hours allotted for the steam refund, I do not know how many other flaws this game can contain.