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Nowhere Prophet review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Concise Review:

The future wasteland vibes meshed with dungeons and dragons style decision making was a lot of fun while it was fresh. It became repetitive.

The combat took some getting used to but grew on me the more I played. The balance between attacking the leader and keeping enemy units off the board is a interesting dynamic.

It’s lacking polish. The user interface is not great and definitely could be improved. I had a save file get corrupted and lost my run which was very frustrating because I really liked my build and I was very close to the end. Cards sometimes glitch and stay enlarged. Quick play didn’t work well, the controller wouldn’t move anything multiple times.

The longevity isn’t that great. I beat it twice with different leaders and builds and I didn’t feel the need to play again.

Overall it’s a low B+ and I enjoyed my time with NP but it will be forgotten quickly.

Final Score: B+