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Aliens: Fireteam Elite review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Journal Style Review:

Looks like it’s going to be very generic and not that good. My opening impressions are this has a lot of world war Z vibes to it, except world war z felt great and looked nice and this game does neither. 

This is a prime gamepass game. It’s nothing special but it’s fun for a little while.

This is very generic and they could have done a much better job, but it’s an easy going guilty pleasure. The aliens universe is a great one and there are some fun hectic moments with a bunch of aliens swarming towards you. I wish the progression was more substantial. I like the idea of the customization but the game wants you to beat the missions multiple times and I’m not doing that. I’m beating them once on standard and then I’m moving on.

Beat them once. Maybe was 6ish hours of gameplay. Even by the last couple missions I could tell I was getting over it. I do feel like watching the alien movies now though…

Final Score: B

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