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Horizon Zero Dawn review
by AmaliyaM

I haven't actually finished this game yet but, I"ve played enough to be able to talk about it so here it is:

This is an action based game with an intriguing story and magnificant graphics. Because this is an open world game where you have plenty of space and sidequests to complete you'll find multiple machines which are actually the animals of this world. They aren't friendly so you'll either have speed through them, stealth around them or if you really want to and have the ability to: overridethem for a certain period of time 9 make them your ally). Each machine is unique as they have different abilities and weak spots for you to hit. Every time you get used to these beasts there will be a new one which will challange you yet hypnotise you with their beaty and power.

The game itself looks pretty darn amazing and the action isn't bad either. Mostly you use ranged weapons, like different types of bows and slingshots, but you also have a spear that can either produce a weak or a strong hit. After every mission you will get a skilll point which allows you to either unlock or upgrade yourself and your abilities: run quieter, collect more items from the robotic animals, slow down time when aiming-that's just some of them!

One thing that I didn"t enjoy the most was the story developping (but it could've been me as I like to take time and explore). For me, it was just a little too slow but when I played a couple of the important missions it definetly got much more interesting because you're finally unravelling what happend to humanity and why are they back in the 'stone age' or who and for what reason created the machines?

I would definetly recommend this to everyone and I hope that you or your friends will enjoy this beautiful game with the unique setting in the future!
«Can’t stop playing»

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BEAUTIFUL game! Great story and amazing bow and arrow action! 10/10
«Blew my mind»
Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Soundtrack 10/10
Sound Effects 8/10
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Absolute one of my favorite PS4 games. Love the world, scenery, creatures, different civilizations and the story.
Very unique and interesting game. 

+ Awesome premise/setting
+ Complex, varied combat
+ Aloy's character growth
+ Creative story kept me invested throughout
+ Excellent visuals in landscapes and lighting
+ Great design and scale for machines

- Fierce difficulty spikes
- Too long; needed tightening up
- Open world felt a bit dated in some areas
- Delivery of exposition sometimes awkward; poor character models on side characters
Finished on March 21, 2017 (PS4).

+Side Quests
Was alright. 
A really great game, though not without faults. In short here are some of the nitpicks I gathered for otherwise a really superb experience which I recommend to almost anyone. The story is intriguing, the world and enemies are unique, the characters are interested and actual gameplay is superb. You can go in guns blazing and try to defeat enemies that way, or you can lay traps, ambush them and scan and hit enemies weak points for a lot easier and fun time. Now on the whining part:

>The RPG aspect was weak, like really weak, this was my own fault expecting it to be a more fleshed out RPG, but nowadays as even Far Cry games have this genre attached I shouldn't be surprised I got what I got. But actual character choice and development from a skill point of view is really bare bones.
>This comes to a second fault, lack of weapon, armor etc variety defeats the purpose of exploring besides the joy of exploring (which should be the main part, but without a carrot dangling in the end, it gets boring after some time) as you will get the same pool of resources as you can get weapons and armor only from merchants due to lack of variety.
>Lots of cliches, while the overall story was good, there were many Holywood moments. I counted at least 3 times where a character died just at the moment I came in after giving me final words before his death.
>End boss fight was a bit disappointing
I'm pretty sure if you look up "perfect game" there's just a picture of this game's cover art. I genuinely can't say enough good things
A beautiful game. There is nothing more to say. I can't wait for the next. 9/10
Great game. Farcry fans may find similarity and underrate it just because they bored of towers and craft system. Pretty good story. I cant stand melee combat system, but it's good with other weapons. Huge variation of weapons and ways to kill things. I recommend playing on highest difficulty.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»