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Horizon Zero Dawn review
by AmaliyaM

I haven't actually finished this game yet but, I"ve played enough to be able to talk about it so here it is:

This is an action based game with an intriguing story and magnificant graphics. Because this is an open world game where you have plenty of space and sidequests to complete you'll find multiple machines which are actually the animals of this world. They aren't friendly so you'll either have speed through them, stealth around them or if you really want to and have the ability to: overridethem for a certain period of time 9 make them your ally). Each machine is unique as they have different abilities and weak spots for you to hit. Every time you get used to these beasts there will be a new one which will challange you yet hypnotise you with their beaty and power.

The game itself looks pretty darn amazing and the action isn't bad either. Mostly you use ranged weapons, like different types of bows and slingshots, but you also have a spear that can either produce a weak or a strong hit. After every mission you will get a skilll point which allows you to either unlock or upgrade yourself and your abilities: run quieter, collect more items from the robotic animals, slow down time when aiming-that's just some of them!

One thing that I didn"t enjoy the most was the story developping (but it could've been me as I like to take time and explore). For me, it was just a little too slow but when I played a couple of the important missions it definetly got much more interesting because you're finally unravelling what happend to humanity and why are they back in the 'stone age' or who and for what reason created the machines?

I would definetly recommend this to everyone and I hope that you or your friends will enjoy this beautiful game with the unique setting in the future!
«Can’t stop playing»

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Fantastic open world, gameplay and experience. 'NExt gen' gets thrown around a lot but this was truly a step above other games and a unique experience 
«Can’t stop playing»
It's a nice and very pretty time waster but that's it.
The spin on the apocalypse was nice though.
I was super late to the party on this one, because I had no interest in buying a PS4, but my wife is a JRPG dork, so we finally got one, and I figured I may as well play this.

Wow, had I been missing out. This one game, to me, justified the cost of our PS4 Pro.

Instantly joined my top 10 games of all time.
«Blew my mind»
Creative open-world. I really liked.
«Blew my mind»
«Buggy as hell»
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Not going to lie...had this game sitting around for a long time before I actually picked it up to play it. Once I started though...I was pretty hooked. First of all, the story was fantastic, and I won't ruin some of the plot twists but the ending was sufficiently satisfying that I can't wait for the second one.

As far as gameplay goes, combat was extremely fun - different than most games that release now, this wasn't just a shooter. Using the bow and spear required what felt like more precision, and added some layers to the combat that isn't there when you're just aiming and shooting. The system of "collecting" different machines, as well as their evolutions, added some more to do around the main story - and it didn't feel like busy work like these sorts of quests often can.
This game is absolutely STUNNING. The environments are lush and plentiful. The music, the voice acting, the story! Just wow. It brought genuine emotion from me especially at the end.

I don't want to accidentally spoil anything as the way the story and past unfolds is just incredible. Needless you say you live in a world dominated by machines who are animal-like whilst the people are more tribal.

Aloy is a great protagonist and a pleasure to journey with. The combat is brutal at times and so satisfying. I'm glad I waited until I had upgraded my PS4 to a Pro to play it.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Very cool game. Really unique and well though-out world. The plot is engaging and worth it. Gameplay is freaking NICE. Hardpoint arrows and regen armor are a must tho. Soundtrack is nice. Also LANCE REDDICK IS IN THIS !!!
Also just some time effing around exploring obscure map areas after I completed the game which was TIGHT. Can’t wait for a sequel 🙏
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Primitive girl runs around shooting robot dinosaurs with a bow and arrow. This is what I'll say about it: The reason this game is so great is because it makes that first sentence make sense.
«Blew my mind»
Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing. Every part of the presentation is fantastic. The environment, whether it’s the snow areas, lush forest areas, or desert areas all look amazing. The character models and the machines look amazing when just standing there but where this game takes it to a whole other level is the animations of Aloy and the machines. It is so impressive the way the machines and Aloy move and attack. It looks more natural and fluid than any other game Ive played. I don’t usually start with the games strongest pro but I think that the visual presentation of this game is it’s most impressive achievement. That being said it isn’t the only good thing about HZD. 

The gameplay is very crisp as well. Now if you know me you know that I love using a bow in video games. I don’t know why, I just usually find it satisfying. This game has a lot of bow action if you choose to use it. I did. And I liked it. The different ways you have to pick apart the machines and the different types of effects your weapons can do creates a very dynamic, visually pleasing, combat system that is very enjoyable for a long time. The different machines behave in different ways so the enemy variety doesn’t get stale either for a long time. The first T. rex fight gets a shout out. Felt epic.

The rpg elements are good, but they aren’t anything unique or special. You have enough weapons to use and ways to upgrade them (although I used a lot of bows because they were my favourite). You gather resources a la Far Cry style to craft ammo and items. You gather resources from defeated machines. It’s fun and creates a sense of progression that games like this need and it does it in an enjoyable way that didn’t get repetitive for me.

The story I thought was good not great. I love the big picture main idea behind the story. Evolution of machines is right up my ally and it’s done in an interesting way. But the side quests and really most of the stuff wasn’t about the history of this fantastic world was just alright.

Final Score: A+