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Sonic Advance 2 review
by deleted_592106

Sonic can be fun!

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Good solid Sonic.
Alright stages, good bossfights, decent soundtrack, and 4 decently varied characters.
nice stages, ok bossfights and multiple characters to play as
Completed as of writing this review: Base Game

Never in my LIFE would I touch this game again, unless I lose some bet.

Advance 2 was the game I admired as a child, but thought it was too hard for me. Nowadays I see that it's because the bosses suck big balls and the screen crunch forces you to pray you will land safely everytime. Not to mention the ridiculous route for 100%, which I'm not going for. If not for the screen crunch or if the gamehad infinite lives, this would've been tolerable to a point I would call it decent. But my god, does it suck in the state it was released in. I don't get why developers of GBA games at the time always zoomed in on the character in handhelds. We would not care for how good the sprites are if the game itself is not fun. I cannot even correct myself by tapping d-pad rapidly because Sonic will do his useless jumpdash.
But at least this game created the idea of high-speed gameplay that would be expanded upon even further in Rush and from that on my favourite Unleashed.

Anyway, unless you're a masochist, I would advise you to stay AWAY from this game until some fan makes a remake or something to zoom out the environment so you can see where you're going. Or you can use save states in an emulator, but that would mean you will just falsely like the game without knowing how painful the real experience is.
«Disappointment of the year»
«I could make it better»