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Insurmountable review
by Admiral_Ant

Another example of a survival sim done right. The simplicity of gameplay mechanics is offset by a decent variety of events, the procedural generation adds a good measure of replayability while creating a surprisingly small amount of bugs. The indicators seem to deplete at a fairly acceptable, realistic rate. The amount of micromanagement is substantial but this, again, is offset by a relatively small gameplay scale, so it doesn't really get tedious. The constant small changes of the environment make you constantly adapt and tweak your gear and skills to uphold the fragile balance between your gauges.
As is the case with any roguelike, this game is fairly challenging, but the fulfillment that you get from actually succedeing is that much bigger.
Not much to be said about the rest - the soundtrack is decent and immersive enough, the graphics are pretty nice and the control scheme and UI simplicity makes for a pleasant "easy to learn - hard to master" gameplay.
If you're a fan of good roguelikes or just survival sims in general - definitely check this one out.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»