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John Romero's Daikatana review
by rawgdawg

John really shit the bed here. From the moment you start it, Daikatana is an unpleasant experience. The opening "story" cutscene is almost 10 minutes of cheesy, quasi-japanese nonsense, after which you finally get the displeasure of playing the game. The starting area is a swamp, full of toxic flies and toads. Not only are these some of the least interesting combat opponents I can think of, but their sound effects are some of the most irritating I've ever encountered. Especially with the flies, you'll need to constantly run away and shoot intermittently, a strategy which involves significant backtracking. This leads to easily the worst element of the game: load times. EVERYTHING in this game needs to load. If you cross too much of the map, you'll trigger a load. If you cross one step over that line again, you'll start loading back to where you were. In fighting one fly, I triggered 4 loading screens. That, like the rest of the game, is just unplayable.