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Divinity: Original Sin 2 review
by Max Savenkov

The best implementation of turn-based combat in RPG since... Actually, I don't know since when: D:OS2 just has perfect tactical combat. No trash-mob fights: every fight is designed to be unique and require thinking (which leads to less fights in total). Not a single enemy is there to just waste your time. A wide selection of abilities and items help you overcome the obstacles placed by designers.

Story-wise, the D:OS was a bit on the weaker side. D:OS2 is vastly improved in this category, though it not yet achieved the level of The Witcher 3 or Arcanum. Companions stories/quests were very good, though.

I want especially note that any companion can become any class: no more leaving people behind just because they don't fit your party composition! You can choose followers strictly based on their personalities. Why no other games do this is a huge question. All in all, an excellent game, the best one to come out in 2017.
"The best implementation of turn-based combat in RPG since" Totally agree!

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Until Baldurs Gate 3 this was the best cRPG around.
A fantastic story with great origin characters, stellar turn based combat and a coop mode.
«Blew my mind»
«Better with friends»
A banger sequel to a banger. Combat reinvented itself with the shield mechanic and the new skills. The story is fantastic this time around, and all playable characters feature their own stories. Play with friends who can sit through dialogue.
«Blew my mind»
In my endless quest to find the video game that moat closely replicates the experience of playing DnD, this is the closest I've gotten.
You have to have the right people on hand to play this with but if you do it's an absolute must play.
Solo runs are also fantastic if you lack friends with patience
«Blew my mind»
«Better with friends»
Overrated. Pretty fun game, but you have to be with the right people. Playing solo or with close friends is THE way to go. Don't try to start a playthrough with online people - you'll regret it, bc you will never get through the first act lol.
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I can only recommend it. Role-playing, it's hard to top. Each individual NPC has its own spoken Dialogue. You won't find two NPCs that say the same thing. And everyone has something interesting to say. You're really motivated to chat at every NPC. Some have hidden Quests or just a funny saying On them. Anything you do can have any unforeseen Effects. Each Quest Can be solved in 2-4 different Ways. Short Example (attention to Spoilers): A Merchant's Goods were stolen. You go off and you look for them. Find the Place of the Raid. Now you find the Box and can bring it back to him. There is a Skill that lets you see the Spirits of The deceased. Use the one at the Place you will find the Ghost of a Dwarf. He tells you that he was murdered by his Partner (the Guy who gave you the Quest) and wants his Head for it. Now you can 1. Plug in The Lob of the Box itself and tell the Guy that his stuff away is 2. Giving Him his Stuff back. 3. Confronting Him with what he has done to his Partner-that in turn splits back to 3.1 I can let the Guy rest ... Is his Thing 3.2 He in the Tavern in which he sits to Hold accountable what he attacks you and a Pub Brawl breaks out 3.3 To give Him poisoned food, whereupon he runs behind the House and ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ has to be like a LinusWP (Paraphrased For Users who Are about bel Angloess shit excites) and there you can meoe it. Now you have his Head. Now you can also give it again either to the Dwarf, who then lets out like an Animal on the piece of meat (Only the Dialogue of the Dwarf what he does with his Head is worth the Quest) or if you are an Elf, you can eat your Head and get a Skillpoint for Free for it . And that was a Quest. Each Quest Is thought through to the Last detail. To complete the Quests you also have to read and understand them (which is not difficult thanks to the varied Dialogues and NPCs) The Combat System is really good. You can combine everything with anything. You can take a Box, fill it with heavy Stuff and then throw that Heavy box at Opponents. You can create a Pool of Blood, then electrify it to shock the Enemy, then let the electrified Pool of blood evaporate into an electric Cloud of The Poison and then blow that Cloud into the Air with Fire. You can put a lot of Boxes around a Melee before the Fight so that he can't do anything in the fight for the first Rounds and first have to destroy the Boxes. You can do so much in the Fights, let your Creativity run free. Every single Fight is planned through. There are no Opponents who can just stand around somewhere and be famed. Each Fight is pre-programmed and offers a Bunch Of opportunities for Tactics. Crafting is very good. You can combine anything. You make Flour out of Wheat, from it you make Dough, from it you can bake different Things and you can even refine the baked Things. The Story is very good so far. I'm only level 13 after 83 Hours and still gamble around at the Beginning because I pick off every Angle. Behind every Corner is some Secret that you have to look for and easily overlook. The Graphics are great. I haven't had any Bugs until now.
Five Word Review: Epic adventure bit too long.
Favorite Thing: They did Divinity proud with another top notch cRPG.
Least Favorite Thing: The game has a serious junk problem. There are far too many items and you have no way of knowing what to sell.

Date Completed: 2018-04-15
Playtime: 91h (I did try to do almost everything but damn this game is far too long!)
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: It's a good time to be a cRPG fan! (that means yes)
Combat is very complex, diverse, and difficult, it puts Divinity in line with the likes of Dark Souls. I can see the developers putting their hearts into this work and the game clearly outshines lots of peers in the genre. I am very satisfied with it.
The multiplayer works well and I see some great potential there. The story is heavy. The world is much darker than in Original Sin. Hard moral choices – all sahdes of grey with no blacks and whites. Combat is very challenging. In general, it's a great game so far and highly recommended for all.
The world in the game is great, it sucks you in in half an hour. The overall game quality is pretty high and everything feels polished - from performance to the story to the graphics. The atmosphere is spectacular. On the whole, it is a real gem, get it without thinking.
First, I want to say that this is one of the most beautifully optimized games I've seen in a few years. It is a joy to play on a PC. The gameplay is cool, lots of tactics allowing different approaches to all problems, lots of strategy too, especially concerning your party, there's lots of synergy and only you decide how to effectively combine skills. All in all, this is the benchmark for the modern cRPGs, and a must have for all fans of the series as well as RPG-lovers.
I loved it even when it was still an alpha. I love the great story and combat systems. The latter is very similar to the original title: It is turn-based, you have lots of skills that can be combined for deadly synergy. Character building allow you to addopt different approaches – from stealthy to straightforward sword fighting to magic and everything in between. The main strong point in the game is story and it provides great interactivity with the world based on your choices, race, and even some skills. Everything makes up for a great replayability level – I played through it three times and each time I founf something new and exciting. All in all, this is one of the greatest modern RPGs that have its roots in old classics and doesn't fall into senility.