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Balrum review
by Max Savenkov

Super-boring combat, useless crafting, slow walking speed, meh storyline. What more to ask to give the game a pass?

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Impression: Great! After a long Period of Play, I will continue to expand the Review. Review: Balrum is set up like an Old-school RPG that includes (who would have thought it) RPG Elements. In addition to RPG, there is also survival (Food, Drink, sleeping, Farms, resource Gathering, shelter rooms, etc.), which quickly makes life difficult for You. Food and Drink was even a bit heavier than thought at the Beginning, because especially when it comes to Mining (Wood, Stone, ...), you get Extra Thirst and Hunger from every Tree and Stone. With a few Tactics, however, you have to get out after about an Hour, not to die of Hunger or Thirst! The typical survival system has been implemented quite well here. But it's an RPG, why does it tell only something about Survival all the Time?! Because the Part with the Survival is smaller and is completed as a positive Aspect for me. :) Now we come to the level system, which turned out to be a bit tough ... The fact is, I played 12 Hours and am just Beginning Level 3! It's not a giant RPG like TES, I know, but Level 3? What? Well, the level cap may already be at Level 10 plus minus something, I'll be surprised. For some it is motivational and for some it is not, I think it is ok! Well, if at least there were one or the other Quest More ... At First you still had some Quests in the first Village or first Area (Map is divided into 4 Areas), now after You Don't get them done! Actually, it is not bad if in the first Area the Opponents were sometimes not too heavy. So, either we need more Quests or more XP for Opponents, because for Opponents you only sometimes get TO rarely XP, for a Quest Always! Maybe I'm just doing something wrong. ^^ But all in All Things, Fighting and Exploring Is fun! Speaking Of Opponents, let's get to the Combat System, which is turn-based! In turn-based Battles, I was only skeptical, because they take place directly in the Real-Time world. After one or two Fights but the Skepticism was lost, I was thrilled and in me the Strategist was awakened! One simply stops and the Opponents no longer move shortly afterwards to think and proceed strategically my Opportunity. Can I Escape? Do I prefer to Take a Potion? Am I Attacking? If so, close or Long-distance combat? All this can be planned and carried out completely in Peace, and your Pet (Companion) can also be integrated into your Strategy. (But Beware: After each Move, the Opponent also has a Move, E.g. I take Potion, Opponents tell me) Some won't like the System, While others will! I think this System is great, even if it takes some getting used to at first! That was the time for the time being, but I'm certainly going to add something to it, after which I have now gone further! :D I've just loved it since the first Minute! I love RPGs! I love Survival! I love Strategy! I love Balrum! :D This Review contains only Points that I have found to be particularly positive, negative or worth mentioning! Others will certainly find other Aspects important for a Review, so you can ask me and I try to help! :) LG Heico ^^