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Age of Grit review
by MrSpanky

No intro. Starts with an interior location and you have to randomly click around and figure out what, why and where.

Ship captain is your job, Firefly-style, but more western and steampunk. Couple lines hastly written in a journal about a family story. meh.

User interface seems deliberately done to annoy as much players as possible: multiple unreadable fonts, no mouse-over interactivity or item tooltip. You have to click on an item and read its description on the other sight of the screen, often cut of by the small arbitrary space given for it. Its 2022 and UX and UI should be part of the learning process in making a game and not just starting Unity and fumbling around.

No hard saving. Autosaves in town. Towns that can take some time reaching while encountering multiple enemies and no option to prepare for combat. Combat is number pushing on a gauge and hoping for some dice roll. Boring.
«Waste of time»