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Rogue Wizards review
by Max Savenkov

Turn-based Diablo? Interesting, but not enough. Just like with every Diablo-like, I soon got tired of the sameness, and equipment upgrades were not bringing fun any longer.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Norsk
This game COULD have been a gem ... but insanely annoying enemies with useless abilities ruins the fun... Where are the fun in meeting a ice casting enemy that freezes the floor and makes you slide away every time you are hit... so you end up sliding back and forth a while before finally destroying the creature... but wait there are 30 more of those around the level -_- and that is just one of the annoying encounters... more to be experienced if you want to play this game
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
One of the best video games I've played on an iphone, and I've played many. A beautiful and colorful artistic design. The application works like silk. Variety of strategies to deal with the fighting. The purchases are totally optional, at no time it is necessary to pay to be able to continue advancing. When you die, you feel it's because of some mistake you've made, and not for not having gone through the box. The Spanish translation is pretty good too. I Just miss some kind of bestiary that explains the abilities and characteristics of the enemies, but at the moment I have only tried the roguelike mode, so it is possible to appear in the campaign and have not seen what are you waiting to try?
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Okay, my third try with this one. I really, really, really, really wanted to go deeper into this game and try to enjoy it, cause there's something in it that I find fascinating. The overhaul atmosphere is really nice, the game mechanics are simple enough to let you enjoy the title but it need some practice before one can find himself satisfied. This game need to be played deeper in order to understand that this is a challenging game, more challenging than the desktop version if you don't buy the doubler -one time payment for rebalancing the in game economy in order to be identical to the pc version-. You will want to run one story mode and AT least one "farming" gauntlet mode Together in order to gain more diamonds. Diamonds are used for everything -from skilling spells to buy pets, passing troughs town upgrades, socketing items and opening rare chests or buy some mastercrafted gear- BUT the higher price is 3, and you can gain Diamonds by leveling up, by mob drops, by opening chests and, occasionally, by smashing things. If you play this way, you'll have all the diamonds your built requires in hero mode. The only main issue with the game is that is kinda boring after a couple of hours and the town building/upgrades isn't really fun or helpful 'cause upgrading stores isn't a good Diamonds investment AT ALL. So, need to be played a lot in order to go deeper in the App version mechanics but once you get them you'll enjoy the experience.