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The Alliance Alive HD Remastered review
by MrSpanky

Massive spike in difficulty kills the game after 20 hours.

Developers incapable of balancing a game do not deserve any slack, no matter from what prestigious background they come.

The story is already as stereotyped and basic as you can expect and so we are left with combat that is basic attack button spammning until a boss appears and you will get oneshot if you suddenly dont run a trinity build, with tank, dps and healer. This limited mechanic is forced on the player on the difficulty spike where 3 parties of the trinity are required and without leveled characters, half of them that stayed nearly untouched for half the game.

Grinding is not required until its inevitable and prolonged for the spike difficulty event and leveling is based on RNG, so you chase a randomized HP level up. Not fun.

Visuals passable for a 3DS port. Static faces are cheap tho.

A few interesting soundtracks.

The worldmap is the real gem in this game but the first time you get access to vehicle travel you get immediately into fight with high level enemies, forcing the player to run the autopilot mode.

Yet another kick in the balls.
«Waste of time»