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Broken Age review
by floppy85

Nice adventure with beautifull Drawing, The end dissapointed me, but the  walkthrough was nice.

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The first act is great the but second act falls flat. The first act achieves a fair difficulty while the second act has a horrendous difficulty spike that really takes away from the experience. It is filled with very obtuse puzzles that are frustrating to solve. I'm not gonna comment on the story much but I enjoyed it, although it doesn't take much for a story to entertain me. Broken age has some great moments but overall it is a mixed bag.
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
You play as two people in TV different worlds. One is Vella who has been chosen to be sacrificed to a monster for her village to be spared. Though she has a little difficulty to relate to the idea and would rather go to the monster. But the only one showing std for those thoughts is her old grandfather / grandfather. The other is Shay who is raised on a spaceship cherished by machines, including an extremely protective protector computer. They have been evacuated from their planet and Shay is somewhat important and must be protected. friend if it is difficult for him. You choose who you want to start playing as and if you want to play first as one and then as the other, or if you want to change often so that they reach the end of the chapter at the same time. The game, which can be said to be largely an interactive achievement, is in the television chapter. It is very nicely done and differs from many of the standard games in the graphics. Knees handmade - on a positive note. The incidence is getting better as well. And at the end of the first chapter I got a real aha experience, when I suddenly realized how it was connected. In addition, the end is partly surprising (at least for me, who is used to thinking in dramatic action and plot). And heartbreaking too. More on the minus side, it's a bit slow forward sometimes. There are no shortcuts or teleport, so you should somewhere. The game is very much about talking to people, though it is noted that it is designed to do things in a certain order. If you make it in the wrong order or talk to someone you do not just "need" talk to, they say the same things as before (which sometimes knns strange because it doesn't really fit in just d). It can be a little tricky to find out what to do. And there's no hint system. Especially tricky (and d not in a good way) was the "hexpal" button. It took too much time and trial and error to read. And one tip: When you first start the hexpal button, check which symbols correspond to which contacts in the hexagon and write it down. Take a few screams (or photograph the screen) of the various patterns that work, you will have real benefit from this then. It feels like there are a lot of lsa trdar when it ends, but if you look at the subtitles s come pictures that give a clue about what happened then with most figures. Which is good, friend if it had been more urgent to have such in the act. It is a game to play when you have time for you. Nothing to stress through. But with time on, it is a game of play. They should actually make a movie of it, for the sake of success.
Point and click games are not for me, I don't have the brain and the patience to figure out obtuse puzzles and solutions. But I like story driven games and point and click games thrives on that. I used to play them normally, but nowadays I cheat, I use guides if I get stuck for more than 5 minutes. Tim Schafer games are notorious for its obtuseness, where you have to somehow figure out to use a banana on a jet plane to get it to sign so you could open the door (I've made up this part, but you get the point). But at the same time, his games are famous for having superb humor, interesting worlds and most especially, the heart. Broke Age has all of it in spades! The story is very intriguing (though the ending and some plot twists are a bit strange and feel undeveloped), the world is unique and graphic style is beautiful. Oh, and the characters! The characters you encounter are great. There are so many good ones! Curtis (Will Wheaton), Dutch Knife, Harm'ny Lightbeard (Jack Black), Yarn palls, Talking tree, I could go on and on. But what takes it away from me (maybe point and click fans loved that part, but after reading about some puzzles, mostly found the harder ones badly designed too) is its puzzles. Some of them are time-based and some required very strange solutions. Without a walkthrough I would've never finished this game, but luckily I was able to experience this game and I am so glad that I did. 
Beautiful, but childish