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Hazel Sky review
by Admiral_Ant

An uninspired project that doesn't bother introducing you to the world without forcing you immediately to read a metric shitton of books and notes. The overall premise of the game honestly seems like an elaborately contrived set of obsticles that, although supposed to be a preset trial, try desperately to seem unintentional but fail to do so. The voice acting is boring, the physics are questionable, the fall damage is ridiculous, the chracter interaction is only palatable if you're running jokes about it all the time, the engineering aspect is honestly laughable, the control scheme is ABSOLUTELY horrible and the way this looks is simply irredeemable for an Unreal Engine project. It looks like it's supposed to be stylized, but it ends up just looking bad instead.

My advice - skip this one, save yourself some time and go play some better titles instead.
«Waste of time»
«I could make it better»