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Thymesia review
by ZeusOfTheCrows

* the reaved weapons system is really good
    * it means you get to try out weapons before switching to them
    * it encourages switching/using all weapons, like botw but not annoying
* the combat is varied, responsive, fast but predictable
* boss designs are varied, and good
* the art direction is gorgeous
    * the executions are flashy and satisfying, but not so long they get annoying
    * environments are engrossing, and visually distinct
    * corvus' design is really cool
        * though i think they've misunderstood the point of a plague doctor mask
    * unfortunate noticeable unreal "sheen", though
* lots of little attention to detail
    * some enemy placement, e.g. woman kneeling over an emasciated corpse
    * stronger enemies have "artifacts", depending on the environment
        * e.g. branches for sea of trees, crystals for royal gardens, etc.
* localisation is spot on - i didn't realise it was chinese until i saw the credits

* the game in some ways feels like a beta
    * to select an option w/ controller, you have to move and then move it back
        * and if a menu has only one option, it's completely unselectable
    * skipping a cutscene doesn't skip the whole video
        * it skips to half a second before the end - why?
    * lots of unnecessary invisible walls
        * why stop me 2 metres before the geometry? what's the point?
        * if i want to jump of a ledge to kill myself, let me
    * the fonts don't match
    * the buttons are squished in the menu, and stretched in the tutorial
    * the title screen is boring
    * some of the icons are really low resolution
    * lorem ipsum on some posters
* i can't drop off ladders; why?
* it can be a bit difficult to dodge away, rather than circling round enemies

* ‏everything gives info in exact numbers
    * some people might like this, but i find it unimmersive
everyone compares it to bb, i think it's more like demons' souls + sekiro
    * combat is fast/aggresive like sekiro, but not shιt like sekiro
    * the visual æsthetic is more des-y
    * travel to and from hub with endgame wooden thing like demons souls
    * enemy placement is very des
        * enemies feel like they're in the best tactical position for them
    * demons' souls style shortcuts are back!
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»

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Fast and fun combat. The 25 point limit makes for ok build variety and the revisits of levels feel fresh. A nice length for the mechanics to fully develop and play around with.
Absolutely recommended. 
This game can be hard if you don't do the side quests, but if you do then it is not a Rage game.
You have to be good at parry, but the game mostly supports it.

Not a long game, but not a AAA category.

I like it! It's feels almost like Demon's Souls which is my favorite in this category.