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Rayman Origins review
by Dima064

Completed as of writing this review: 100%

Even though Rayman 2 surpassed it in terms of popularity, I still think Origins is the beginning of a short-lived Rayman's peak. This game is amazing in terms of how it tried to reboot the series by lending ideas from the very first game, while keeping it still fresh! In terms of base game experience, there are basically no complaints! The level design is very fun and challenging, the humorous nature of the game is also really enjoyable, the music is good and charming and the ability to play a 4-player Co-OP is an even better experience! The art-style is a star of the show though. Very beautiful environments, that are also not taxing on the hardware, since this game was released for very low-end consoles. Really high-quality and lively worlds, if explained in two words. They also don't clash with the characters and enemies, since those have their own distinct outlines. The animations are also very detailed and stretchy, it's a joy too look at! A good game all around that I really enjoyed playing!

That's what I thought about this game 5 years ago. Now recently I suddenly decided to 100% it and now I can see the flaws. First, the requirements. Collecting Lums is fun enough, that's a given, however, if you're playing alone, it can be a chore sometimes. In some areas there is a very small window where you can collect everything by yourself but it's way easier, if you're with a friend. I get the argument that "If you're playing alone, then you must like challenge" but what if you are a casual that doesn't have friends? In my experience, I don't have friends who knew this game and due to that, they would've not been able to help me much, so I had to play by myself. That's no problem for me, I like a good challenge! Some of the levels though, have a really cheeky spots for coins, which give you a good amount of Lums. And one time I just had to look it up, which is not a good sign for level design. Almost all of the stages have the exact same requirement for Lums, which feels like it was a last-minute decision. The same can be said about Time Trials. Some of them (especially those ones where you unlock new features) cut basically 50+% of the stage and it feels too easy to speedrun, while the cut half itself is usually harder. Second, I'm not a huge fan of how much this game uses leitmotifs for it's soundtrack. I don't mind it when it's just a couple of times, since that's the point of leitmotifs, that you don't really notice them until someone points them to you. This game however feels kinda cheap with those, like I see how they have ideas on the OST, so why did they need to do leitmotifs almost every map? A personal nitpick I would say. And third, and the most dreadful thing in this game, is trying to collect a needed amount of Lums in shoot-em-up stages. Those were a good distraction in the base category but when going for 100%, it's really annoying, since you just know that in Multiplayer it would be a cakewalk, so those stages just reminded me of this depressing fact every time and in the 2nd stage from the last I raged hard because I couldn't collect fast enough and had exactly ONE Lum remaining at the end!

That was everything I wanted to mention about this game. It's an amazing experience that I would recommend to everybody, fan or not. I'd even argue this game is actually more fun than Legends but both are very enjoyable!
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Sit back and relax»
«Better with friends»
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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Fantatsic game with just some frustrating bits that I felt the game // controls let me down, but maybe it was my lack of skill that I can't admit to myself! 
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
No Rayman Legends, but still alright.
A fantastic platformer kind of invalidated by the existance of Legends
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Hello! Today I come to give a note to Rayman origins. Already, I'll tell you an anecdote. Since I was a kid, I'm a fan of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. Besides, in my ranking of my favorite games, it is first. One day at my father's House (because my parents are separated), he brought back the Xbox and on there was Rayman 3, I was happy until it caught fire. Then my father brought back a little later an Xbox 360. And this time, he hadn't brought Rayman 3 back, he had brought Rayman origins back. So I was disappointed, until the moment I started playing it. It was great, I was immersed in a magical world, imaginary... The music took me to the land of wonders... My Xbox 360 had a problem. It was necessary to leave at least one C.D. in the compartment where the C.D. should be put to read it before closing it and turning off the Xbox 360. My father made this mistake. Since that day, I have never played again. But 4 days ago I bought it on steam. And I have already beaten the mechanical B.O.S.S. that the evil ptizbe had made appear. Then we'll compare Rayman origins to Rayman legends. Rayman origins to this little drawing side that I find nicer than Rayman legends who does not have it. On Rayman legends, it's more reliable to controller his character while in Rayman origins, there are often some bugs. Rayman origins is more fun, with these funny B.O.S.S.. The gameplay is much better than Rayman legends. In Rayman legends, we can find levels of Rayman origins thanks to the special table: "back to origins". But it lacks a lot of levels, what it does is that it breaks the basic story a bit. An important little poin that I would like to clarify, in Rayman origins, to get into a level, you have to wander on a map while in Rayman legends, have to pass through paintings. In any case, I prefer Rayman origins. I'll put the score of 4 out of 5.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game is a real gem: a must have! The graphics are worthy of a Dysney cartoon. The animations are funny and exaggerated, in the cartoon style. The level design is very inspired: the game will alternate from the platform, levels of shoot them up to scrolling horizontal, races lawsuits to catch treasure chests, bonus levels, boss fights, etc... The music signed Christophe Heral always follows the action, varied and very rhythmic. The Studio of Ubisoft Montpellier is used to work with this artist and the result is excellent! The lifespan is about thirty hours. There are both many levels and an important replayability because the game encourages to redo the levels to improve the score if not enough, or to get to cross the level in a very tight time, and always in order to unlock the levels d e treasure race. The game never seems too long because as soon as it is enriched with new possibilities, at the beginning of the jump, then you learn to run, to stick the Baffes, to hover in the air, to swim underwater, to run on the walls etc... the more the levels advance and the more the gameplay will be rich. Thanks to the use of 2D the gameplay is very accurate, which allows the game to be demanding. It's not because the style is childish that the game is easy, far from it! Yet the game will forgive mistakes thanks to the many backup points. The level of difficulty also decreases with the number of players: in co-op it is enough to put a bafe to a personal to resurrect it. If you doubt the effectiveness of the Coop mode, go to YouTube and type "farfromsubtle Rayman origins", you will see by yourself the atmosphere of a frantic race to catch more Lums than the mates by making them shots of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ as soon as the occasion This. A kind of competition in the Coop mode, it's brilliant! In short, it's the faultless for Rayman origins. We would love to see big studios like Ubisoft dedicate themselves to creating this style of play where everything works to make the game fun (or even enjoyable) rather than always prioritising big 3D games whose ideas are copied from games already which we immediately see that the whole budget has been swallowed up in the technique...
Don't get me wrong, I really like the humor and the art style is pretty, but I get the feeling many the Levels are not well designet. For example there are many parts where you have to chase an enemy throughout a level passage and of course you want to run through the level as fast as possible but the levels are so designet, that you have to go slower than you normally could in order to not fall in a pit or jump into the next enemy. The same problem occurs when you collect that collectible that doubles the amount of lums you get for a certain amount of time. So you run through the level in order to get the maximum value of it, but the level simply does not seem to be build for speeding. What makes this even less understandable is that there even is a motivator to beat a level under a certain time.What also stands out negatively is that the controls and hitboxes appear very inconsistent.
While everyone plays battle royale, find an hour to play this cool platformer. Rayman Origins is funny, light and humorous thing that grabs your attention with music and graphics and adds a nice story then. Easy to control, fun to progress.  
This game is too frustrating for me. It’s beautiful and all, but it becomes too difficult soon. It was hard for me to figure out how to complete some levels and just hit some bosses. The game wants you to memorize every trap on the level, and it quickly turns boring. So, after an hour or two I decided that’s not a type of games I enjoy. If you are not very patient, just like me, better play Super Mario World.  
Well, it is a classic already :)