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Fire Commander review
by Admiral_Ant

The idea is decent and some of the mechanics are nailed just right. Putting out fires is super satisfying, and the unruly and wild nature of the fire itself is depicted very well.
However, the gameplay has countless issues that breed a very real frustration.
The limits on the number of crew members you're able to send on a distress call are confusing. I can send less people than recommended, why can't I send more? The recruitment system makes zero sense, especially in combination with the special crew requirements. I've one technician and I can't recruit more, so I'm forced to send him on literally every mission without being able to replenish his stamina. And no, there's no time skipping function, so I've literally no other choice. I'm at a complete loss here.
And don't even get me started on vehicles. Why can't I be in charge of which ones to send on a call? Why are there two separate fire engines for two purposes which real-life fire engines combine in one vehicle? And the driving. OMG, the driving. The vehicle pathfinding is downright broken, and the manual... Well, suffice to say that a giant behemoth of a fire engine got stuck for hours on a BROKEN OFF CAR DOOR THAT WAS LYING FLAT ON THE GROUND.
Okay, I'm done, that's it. Even thinking of the numerous issues of this game gives me a headache.