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Dying Light 2 Stay Human review
by Levgend

Stay Human.

Usta bu oyun olmuş yaa. Neden bu kadar az beğenildi hiç bilmiyorum. Parkur mekaniğini oldukça iyi tapıyor, ortanın üstünde fena olmayan bir açık dünyası var, hikaye kasmışlar, zombi kesmek aşırı eğlenceli, açtığımız yetenekler aşırı renk katıyor oyuna, yan görevlerde fena olmayan ortanın üstünde hikayeler var vs.

Sevmediğim kısımlara gelelim. Lawan. Ya bu kadar sinir eden, gıcık, itici karakter yapmak zorunda mıydınız yaa? Sürekli bir trip halinde, sürekli ters hareketler yapıyor. Aiden'de hiçbir şey demiyor. İnatla kendini ezdiriyor. Bir diğer sevmediğim şey ise yükseltmeler. Bence silah yükseltme olayını iyi yapamamışlar. Daha etkili ve daha farklı olmasını isterdim. Yükseltme yapmak için heveslenmedim mesela.

Bir de oyunu hiç kapatmadan bir günde 13 saat falan oynadığımı hatırlıyorum. Yani bir de "Hadi artık, bu son olsun. Artık kapatayım." diyerek ikna etmeye çalışıyordum kendimi. "Aman, boşver" deyip oynamaya devam etseydim daha ne kadar oynardım tahmin edemiyorum.

İyi oyundu ya, iyi oyun.

Puan: 9.25/10 ✅️
«Can’t stop playing»
«OST on repeat»

Other reviews4

I have a lot to talk about this game. But first, the good things.

Well, the first thing that drew my attention was the graphics and optimization. I played this game about 11 months after its release, and I can confirm they did a good job since its launch. The game looks beautiful and runs well on a Ryzen 1600 - even being a modern open-world.

The second thing that kept me playing was the gameplay. The animations are smooth and the gore and mutilation are pretty good - killing zombies with a Katana is always amazing. The parkour feels good either.

The plot has a good premise. You engage in the idea pretty fast, which makes you go 100% on the campaign just to know more. But then... with time the games look repetitive and boring.

Remember the graphics? Yeah, it's beautiful, but the scenarios look all the same, which eventually creates visual fatigue. The gameplay is weak in some aspects. The loot feels useless, and I played the game in Hard, which, in theory, makes the loot/craft an essential part to progress, but no. And the worst part about it is that the game is full of it, at every room there are a lot of loot options, making the UI looks crazy. After mid-game, the skills you obtain to get new combat and parkour moves become really optional. There's no stimulus to get better since you can kill everyone with ok guns and good stamina without much effort. And the night... I have to say that for the first time, it was amazing. The screams, the bells warning that the sunset was arriving... dude, it was crazy. But since there are no good rewards to play on the night and with time you just lose interest, unfortunately, it becomes forgettable and boring. I don't remember Dying Light 1 so well, but I can swear the guns were more customizable and interesting. The two guns that come with the deluxe edition (Katana, for example) were the only ones that actually caught my attention.

The variety of zombies is another factor that makes this game repetitive at some point. And even when you face something different, the way you approaches is basically the same. And amending the plot topic, I have to talk about the dialogue. Since it's a gameplay element, I can affirm that our choices have no change on the gameplay/story - I'm not talking about the actual choices, cuz they exist, but the major part of the dialogue. And speaking of that...

The plot is weak. A good premise isn't enough, naturally. You have to develop characters and make connections to make the player care about the things that happen. Side quests are a good way to make us know more about the protagonist and the world beyond, but here they are so silly and dumb. You know when you are playing something that adds value to the game, and when you are not. 

On my first hours of gameplay, I was feeling good cuz I had some Skyrim feeling - something around freedom to deep dive about the world and just be alware about it, but it didn't last long. I remember siting on the bonfire (I had to say, the idea is fantastic) just to hear what people had to say, but there are so few. Coming back about the plot... everything is around us, the protagonists. The characters doesn't look real and they attitude even less. On the epilogue, there are so many plot holes that is impossible to not get angry about it. You dedicate several hours to get on the end and they just can't give you the answers, and the problet about that is clearly unintentional. There are multiple ending but any of them are satisfactory.

That's it. At the beguining, I was hyped with I saw, since the prologue is beautiful and deep - on the forest and house investigation. But no... the game is just mediocre afterall.
Like the first game, movement is the highlight and it is a blast. The story's no slouch either.

Date Completed: 2023-01-01
Playtime: 37h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: Play it!
My friend introduced me to the first Dying Light. It was a pretty fun but then I tried the DLC "The Following" and loved it. I got Dying Light 2 when it came out and have been HOOKED on it since. I can't stop playing this dang game, even though the gameplay could be considered repetitious. It is now one of my favorite games of all time
«Can’t stop playing»
«Just one more turn»
«Liked before it became a hit»