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Dishonored 2 review
by Levgend

Efsane Dishonored'ın devam oyunu.

İlk oyunun üstüne çok bir şey kattıklarını düşünmüyorum. (Sadece Corvo ile oynadım) Amaaa... bu kötü bir şey değil bence. Çünkü ilk oyunu gayet iyi yapmışlardı. Düşürmedikleri sürece aynen mekaniklerle oynamak zevkli olur muydu? Olurdu. Oldu da.


Ayrıca oyunun nasıl biteceğini bizim kararımıza kağıt üstünde olsa da oyun zevkine engel oluyor bence. Oyun iyi bitsin diye sürekli düşmanları *ldürmem değil, bayıltmam gerekiyor. E haliyle oyundan aldığım zevki aşşşırı düşürüyor. Keşke bunu tercih etmeselermiş.

Grafiklere gelecek olursak bence ahım şahım bir şey değil ama kötü de diyemem. Oyunun çıkış yaptığı zamanlar için fena değil bence.

Puan: 8.25/10 ✅️

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All time fave game. Perfect blend of fighting and stealth. I personally prefer it over its predecessor
A good game, but worse than it's predecessor in pretty much every way
Exciting quests, mesmerizing atmosphere, beautiful architecture, elaborate details of the world.
The variability is at an unattainable level, but the player's desires are squeezed into the framework of the final goal. However, this problem is completely exhausted after the first playthrough.
«Just one more turn»
These are some of my favorite games. I do wish this one didn't introduce the Clockwork soldiers so early - feels like a pretty big difficulty spike pretty early. Unless maybe they intend for high chaos to be "canon"? Idk. I also do like the time travel mission (reminds me of this random Digipen game, maybe a Half-Life 2 mod, I played years ago called Void - basically take that time travel thing and turn it into a Portal-like puzzle game), but I wish there were SOME way to get your powers back. A lot of untapped potential there, should be its own thing.

On one hand, I'm tempted to do a no-powers run as well. On the other, NG+ really shines in this entry.
Super fun game and both Emily and Corvo are fun to play with. Clockwork Mansion is quite easily the highlight of the game. However I feel like the game lost a bit of the charm that made the first one so special to me. I think more emotional investment and a better villain could have made this game exceptional. Still a solid title and a fun game to play.
A creative, clever, action stealth game. Fun abilities and intricate level design allow this game to played many different ways. I like the lore of this game with the weird whale bones and the god guy but I don’t think the story is that great. Even with just a so-so story the gameplay is good enough to keep you playing.

Final Score: A-

+ Creative twists to each level keep game fresh
+ Awesome powers that are a blast to use
+ Depth of lore and worldbuilding
+ Breadth of playstyles available

- Frustrating stealth sections
- Weak combat system outside stealth
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Dishonored 2 The Game immediately plunges you into the Story and as with its Predecessor you immediately have the Action running =). A complete Overview of The advantages and Seam Parts, which I see, can be found at the bottom of the Specified points. Graphic-Steampunk-bombastic-stunning-Super facial Features-physics could be a little better in part-Details like Water, fire, Lightning, Trees look very good-Hardware Press ... 7/10 Sound-Very well done-Speakers not always 100% appropriate (of the Type of speaker Roles)-music is pleasant in the Background-other Sounds very good 8/10 Story-starts as with Part 1 immediately-otherwise very solid-sneak through or mow the Pack all down-I Don't want to reveal too much 7/10 handling-keyboard occupancy as far as I remember 1zu1 as with the Predecessor-not too many Keystrokes and not too few-doesn't play spongy and very clean for it-you get back out of 10/10 AI from Fights without Murder-sometimes something Stupid but still not stupid-notice one quite quickly (you really should pay close attention to the Field of View)-You always want your Death! 7/10 Game world-Great View-trouble at the Detail-Flora and Fauna-unfortunately more opponents than "normal" persons-city though enlivened but still not as a City Should be 8/10 Come to Pro and Contra Pro + great Graphics + Great Sound + control very well implemented + no Getting used to + a worthy Successor + looking forward to more (don't get through yet) + you keep The Power of deciding which Way you go Contra-probably makes problems for some Users-you are thrown into the Story-I miss something the Shackles in the Person you play-though worthy Afterfolder, but a little worse-HARDWAREFRESSER (so JUST look if it's really up with you!) All in All, Maybe I rave too much, but I like the game very much. Most bad Reviews are by Players who have Problems with Your PC. I haven't had a single Problem myself (until now!). I myself am of the Opinion that most have too much Rubbish on the Computer, or that your Drivers should keep Up to date. Can't be that some have no Problems and some do. Self-made PC WITH no Knowledge of what fits best together is very often the Case. There is no need to listen to dislike, because that is in many Cases the Truth. The Game itself, however, attracts a lot of Performance. That's when I hear my quiet Fans turn up myself. But as long as I don't have Problems in the Game, it's rather less important to me whether my Hardware gets a little warmer. The game is a lot of Fun for me and I would pre-order dishonored 2 again. Since I have no Problems, I recommend it further. It may be natural to experience the Problems that other Players report and therefore I can only relate this to myself. Enjoy Daddling More reviews of me Subscribe here and at pleasure also like to join my Group. Aus eigener Sache: ══════════════════════════════════════════════ Zensur in Games? No thanks! Unfortunately, not all Games that are available on Steam and have been censored are marked accordingly. If You want reliable and up-to-date Information on the Censorship Status of Games, check out for UNCUT! Pass and follow the Curator To get humble about Censors in Games. ══════════════════════════════════════════════