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Dishonored 2 review
by Levgend

Efsane Dishonored'ın devam oyunu.

İlk oyunun üstüne çok bir şey kattıklarını düşünmüyorum. (Sadece Corvo ile oynadım) Amaaa... bu kötü bir şey değil bence. Çünkü ilk oyunu gayet iyi yapmışlardı. Düşürmedikleri sürece aynen mekaniklerle oynamak zevkli olur muydu? Olurdu. Oldu da.


Ayrıca oyunun nasıl biteceğini bizim kararımıza kağıt üstünde olsa da oyun zevkine engel oluyor bence. Oyun iyi bitsin diye sürekli düşmanları *ldürmem değil, bayıltmam gerekiyor. E haliyle oyundan aldığım zevki aşşşırı düşürüyor. Keşke bunu tercih etmeselermiş.

Grafiklere gelecek olursak bence ahım şahım bir şey değil ama kötü de diyemem. Oyunun çıkış yaptığı zamanlar için fena değil bence.

Puan: 8.25/10 ✅️

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«Blew my mind»
Tries to be bigger and better, but looses its identity on the way. It feels like an addon rather than a sequel
All time fave game. Perfect blend of fighting and stealth. I personally prefer it over its predecessor
A good game, but worse than it's predecessor in pretty much every way
Exciting quests, mesmerizing atmosphere, beautiful architecture, elaborate details of the world.
The variability is at an unattainable level, but the player's desires are squeezed into the framework of the final goal. However, this problem is completely exhausted after the first playthrough.
«Just one more turn»
These are some of my favorite games. I do wish this one didn't introduce the Clockwork soldiers so early - feels like a pretty big difficulty spike pretty early. Unless maybe they intend for high chaos to be "canon"? Idk. I also do like the time travel mission (reminds me of this random Digipen game, maybe a Half-Life 2 mod, I played years ago called Void - basically take that time travel thing and turn it into a Portal-like puzzle game), but I wish there were SOME way to get your powers back. A lot of untapped potential there, should be its own thing.

On one hand, I'm tempted to do a no-powers run as well. On the other, NG+ really shines in this entry.
Super fun game and both Emily and Corvo are fun to play with. Clockwork Mansion is quite easily the highlight of the game. However I feel like the game lost a bit of the charm that made the first one so special to me. I think more emotional investment and a better villain could have made this game exceptional. Still a solid title and a fun game to play.