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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review
by Levgend

Zamanında 7/24 oynardım. Çocukluğumun oyunlarından biri.

Ahh ahh o haritası, gizemleri, görevleri, karakterleri, detayları, hikayesi. Defalarca baştan başlamak, haritanın her yerini gezmek, gizemden gizeme koşmak, defalarca aynı görevleri yapmak çok eğlenceliydi benim için.

Şimdi ise bende olan yerinden çok oyunun nasıl olduğuma gelelim. Günümüze göre elbette grafikleri kötü, oynanışı iyi değil ve çok saran bir yapısı yok ama zamanında o koskocaman dünya, dünyasının her bir yerindeki gizemleri, spor salonunda kas yapabilmek, haritanın ayrı ayrı yerlerineki giyim mağazalarından giyimimizi değiştirmek, farklı farklı fast food dükkanlarından çok yersek kilolu, yemeyip çok koşarsak zayıf kaldığımız, yüzdükçe yüzmemizin geliştiği bir oyun olması o dönemin bir efsanesi yapıyor bence.

Puan: 10/10 ✅️
«Beaten more than once»

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One of the best open world role-playing classics to date, still holding up to these days.
«Blew my mind»
Still peak GTA. CJ is based, the missions are beyond fun and there are so many systems to engage with
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
I do not recommend this game. There is no Linux/BSD port.
«Waste of time»
«I could make it better»
"Masterpiece" two decades ago, but does it still hold up today? Not exactly.

I mean, if you liked Vice City (VC) and GTA 3, San Andreas (SA) is a solid game with much to offer in comparison . The scope is considerably higher than VC, with a big map and a longer campaign.

Now, if you didn't like VC and GTA 3 because of the outdated mechanics, it didn't get any better here. I still find the plot a little boring and hollow - it's too silly for what I was expecting. The mission design gets repetitive fast. Also, getting from point A to B just to start doing what really matters is a crazy waste of time. At least we have checkpoints here, unlike GTA 3.

I felt the campaign could be a little shorter. Some quests are just there to waffle - if not in full extent, in some specific part. A good example: to do the last mission, you have to take gang territories. A lot of them. More often than it should, the enemies necessary to trigger the gang war just didn't spawn. It's not that bad if you compare it to the tasks you have to do in GTA VC (buy assets to do the last missions), but if you take into consideration that some missions are just as boring as that...

In conclusion, SA is a good game, but I honestly only beat it to have more repertoire. It's not that fun today, sadly.
!!!!!!!!!! Super !!!!!!!!
«GTA» which became an Action RPG.

This is indeed a remarkable example of how a game in the action genre can be enriched with RPG elements, such as character development, customization, and a deep storyline.

Players can improve their character's skills, such as driving, shooting, close combat, physical fitness, running, and more. Even the hero can become significantly overweight if overeating.

By completing various tasks, primary and secondary skills increase, which contributes not only to character advancement but also unlocks new possibilities in the game.

Players can customize their character's appearance, including choosing clothing, hairstyles, accessories, and tattoos. Create your own style.

One of the key elements that makes San Andreas unique is its dialogues and characters. The game features many charismatic characters, each with their own unique personality and motivation. They create a rich and captivating gaming universe, where dialogues and their interactions play a key role in storytelling.

By this combination of elements, «San Andreas» has become one of the most memorable and successful games in the «GTA» series.
«OST on repeat»
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Microsoft from French
THE BEST GTA OF ALL TIME! And I'm not chewing my words! Even though the graphics remain old school, this game is so awesome and addictive, lots of missions to do, a lot of things to do to get fun, even mutli with buddies etc... In short this GTA is cool. The ragy will say that GTA V is better, I will answer them no, because in SAMP we can not get out the CB to buy money in the game. GTA SAN ANDREAS must be one of the only ones to group many people in multi (+ a million)... The proof is... GTA IV is no longer playable on WIN10 and no one is on the mutli. If I had only one negative point: the mouse bug. I explain: I do not know if it has already done to you but a few times GTA does not detect the mouse and so I have to play without. (So I play the keyboard).
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Microsoft from Norsk
So basicly i have unninstalled the game not deleted unninstalled and when i try to download it only says OPEN and i dont know what to do or if its a problem if you know what i should do please message me on Discord -vStronger#8700 or snapchat lukasz_dj or just call me my number is +4746342924. Great game LOVE IT!
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Microsoft from Italian
Thank you thank you thank you for making me rediscover the real times of GTA the real game this! You have been phenomena to take it in digital format But I have a problem on iPhone 8 Plus the game crashes very often even if I don't have any apps in the background solve this problem Thanks again the wonderful game
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Microsoft from French
GTA simply ... Excellent portage of a cult game, we do not regret the purchase! The price is more than reasonable for a game of high quality and very intuitive (touch control) Very fluid on iPhone 6S and graphically very honorable. For an even more unforgettable experience: buy the GTA the trilogy pack of bets to get for only 13, three cult games of which one will be finally offered to you (economy of 6) So do not hesitate! :)