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Atomic Heart review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Oh this writing is baaaad bad. Very oof to start.

This is a clear wannabe bioshock game without the talent.

What the fuck is going on in this game. There’s a horny robot fridge? What?!?

Gameplay feels pretty bad. The melee combat feels sluggish. The gunplay so far isn’t much better. 

I can’t stress how bad this dialogue is. And the voice actor. 

Okay now for some positives. With the bioshock skills added to the combat the gameplay has been more fun. The number of upgrades and parts that you can craft is quite high. I like that too. Plus the looting mechanic is cool. The dialogue is still awful though.

This really is the poor poor man’s bioshock. They also made a zombie human with a head that opens up in a way very similar to the clickers from TLOU… I think they are just stealing ideas from other games and then not doing a good job with them.

My favourite part of the game so far has been looting materials to buy new abilities, weapons and attachments. If that sense of progression continues and the changes feel meaningful then I’ll at least have an okay time with this game. 

Low key, I usually hate puzzles but I actually don’t mind the little mini puzzles in this one. They have been fun.

Okay I was a bit harsh initially. The longer I’ve played the better it has gotten. The story is entertaining in a B Movie kind of way. The awful awful dialogue isn’t as noticeable, partly because I skip a ton of it. The gameplay and upgrades have continued to get better.

Beat it. The final few chapters were pretty good. The story was actually very fun in a B movie kind of way by the end and the ending was great. A lot of fun twists. I was way to harsh on this game at first. It’s still only a B. It’s not great but after the initial 2 or 3 hours it picks up and I was having fun.

Final Score: B

Other reviews7

The best thing in this game is the boss fights. Especially in some parts, the game is quite unstable in terms of sending enemies. Also scenario and the main villain are quite predictable. I think for BioShock fans this game is "Meh". 
This game is exceptional! Although very heavily puzzle based the combat, story and graphics is where the game really stands out! The storyline, lore, and information the game throws at you about the atomic heart project, antagonists, and protagonists is placed at the appropriate times to keep you hooked into playing that much longer!!

All in all I highly recommend this game and wish it was longer because it’s sad that I completed it!! 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
took a bit to hook me, but as soon as it did, boy is the game good.
gameplay features

some bugs
voice acting
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
we need great singles, this game is very good
Game from terrorists, pls don't support them, ignore this