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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review
by chrono14

Finished it on PC with a few mods added. I tried to get into this game 3 separate times. The first two was with the PS4 and after 8 hours in, I couldn't get into it. The battle mechanics felt clunky and the voice acting didn't really appeal to me. The two things that bothered me the most was the constant fixing of the swords and armors and the carry weight limit. I absolutely despised these factors.

I gave it one more go when the upgraded graphics came out and this time, I played it on PC with mods that helped with the things I found annoying. And Holy Canoli, it made the game so much better. I adore games with strong storytelling and once I was able to remove the things that annoyed me, the Witcher world sucked me in. I got used to the Geralt's voice and the upgraded graphics made the game look so pretty to look at.

If I'm being honest, the the main storyline on Withcer 3 was like a 7/10 for me. It was cool, kept me engage most of the time. But the expansion pack, specifically Blood and Wine was at another level. That DLC really put the charm on the game. It felt like a really well done fantasy drama with a lot of the NPC really having depth in their characters. And I I enjoyed the fact that there were other accents used in this part of the world and it gave the Witcher world a fresher vibe.

All in all, I rate this 8.5 / 10. Some tedious part here and there (running quests for x) but that's to be expected. If the side quests were created were it didn't feel so regurgitated, I would have given it a 10/10.

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Yes it's still a tiny bit jank and combat is overly simple, even with the multitude of options you're given. But that's all the bad here. The world is beautiful and a joy to explore, quests are amazingly designed and the soundtrack is phenomenal.
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An interesting plot, especially in the DLC Blood and Wine, well-written characters, graphics at an excellent level, the combat system is shit, but this does not spoil the overall impression. In terms of plot and depth of characters, the game is a million times better than the entire series of books, in general, a huge respect for the authors. Russian voice acting and Geralt's charisma are half of the game's success in Russia.

Интересный сюжет, особенно в DLC Blood and Wine, отлично прописанные персонажи, графика на отличном уровне, боевая система говно, но это не портит общего впечатления. По сюжету и глубине персонажей игра в миллион раз лучше всей серии книг, в общем огромный респект авторам. Русская озвучка и харизма Геральта — половина успеха игры в России.
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