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Darksiders III review
by deleted_675425

Feels like filler. The plot barely connects to the overarching story, Fury is incredibly unlikeable, the combat system was so mediocre that they had to patch the old system in and the world isn't that interesting to explore. What is positive are the different weapons and powers fury collects and using those in combat and movement.
«Disappointment of the year»

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It’s a budget title in comparison to the other two, but it will keep your attention for the length of time it takes to complete the story.  Average graphics l, decent gameplay and while the story seemed...distant...from the lore for most of the game, I really enjoyed the ending.  I’m hoping we get the Strife game following this, along with the mythic 4 player co-op fans have been clamoring for since 2010.
Sadly feels like filler. Adds nothing to the existing plot, Fury is unlikeable the whole way through and the Dark Souls gameplay style was so meh they patched in the old action gameplay again.
I hope the franchise doesn't end here
Great gameplay. Though this souls-ish gameplay (when you die every monster respawns) was a bit disappointing but the variety of styles of weapons compensated for it well. The story has always been so mysterious, in an entertaining way, that it kept me hooked. That compensated for the souls-shit gameplay as well. The game is so well woven around the story that I felt like watching and playing in a movie. Fury's combat style suited my style very well; the whip and different ranges of weapons. Eventhough prior 2 horsemens' style was quite entertaining I enjoyed Fury a lot more, specially her character. The story is quite immersive, I am quite into the whole story and I can't wait to find out what unfolds further.

Graphics wise, it is a bit on the darker shades but still colourful enough that it will hold your attention. The mediocre textures will tell you that it is a console port. Poor optimization here and there. Crashed when I connected my laptop to external display. Runs good enough when it matters.

The game had me engaged for days. Now that is is finished I feel like I have lost purpose.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Darksiders 3 abandons the RPG heavy systems of Darksiders 2 for a souls-like fusion. Fury’s whips are fun to use, have plenty of reach, and somehow work perfectly with this style. You collect souls and use them to level three different stats: Health, Strength, and Arcane. There’s a variety of weapons and enhancements, similar to the original, but you can upgrade enhancements in powerful and varied ways. You get new, elemental weapons throughout the game, each handling differently and enjoyably. The combat is slower paced and more impactful than the original, bearing more similarities with Dark Souls than with God of War. With that comes a heavier emphasis on exploration and discovering resources for upgrades and new enhancements.

The story, which takes place immediately before Darksiders 1, follows Fury on her journey to kill the seven deadly sins on a war-torn earth. Despite the return to Earth, the environments are still varied, intricate, and always provide you something nice to look at.

The dungeon and puzzle design of this entry is the most lacking of the franchise. There’s still dungeons and puzzles, and still some “dungeon treasures”, but they definitely take the back seat to focus on the more methodical combat, exploration, and resource management that Souls titles are known for.
Hope for the series to continue
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Microsoft from Deutsch
As some apparently forget, Part 1 and Part 2 were also technically different. Therefore, to say it is different from the Part before it should be nothing negative, but only to note that the Games are different from each other, just as their Protagonists are different from each other. Many compare the Game to Dark Souls, wondering is why? Because you collect Souls, because it's Hard, because when you leave your Souls behind in your dying Place. Not exactly many things that agree here. But well these days everything is like Dark Souls. I'd rather compare it to the latest God of War. Again, the Combat System is completely different from the previous Sharing. More focus is put on the Skill, dodge and stuff. And you get different new Skills that allow you to open new paths, or old Previously closed paths. Apart from the Kratos and Fury are quite angry and to access certain "Berserker" Forms, this declaration served first that not all always thinking in the Self-direction, it is not all always Dark Souls. But let's all about the actual Review. Graphic: The Stem is over to agree with the others, so it's easy to connect the Parts. Beautiful World Design, good animations. Special to Fury even when she uses her Forms. With the Combat Effects, they have sometimes exaggerated it, as it is difficult to see in many explosions when the opponent is attacking. Fight: This Time you Fight with a Whip ... Now at the beginning. With new Forces come new Weapons. You have some opportunities to change your Playing Goal, especially through the "Runes" that you can embed in the Weapons. In Some cases, however, the Camera is more of a fine one than the enemy itself, usually this Happened in narrow streets or Rooms, that the Targeting System did not capture the opponent and thus one had to guess where the opponent is now. And yes, it's heavier than the Parts before it. Story: Without Spoilers. Towards the end, I'm kind of missing, a few connections together. Why this? Where now? Otherwise a gelding Story in a World set in front of Darksider 1. Everything in all, I had Fun, even if I died many times and put the Level Of difficulty down at The 3rd Boss of Apocalypse because I am not as good as I would like to be. The further you get in the game, the more opportunities in the Fight you have which one keeps it varied, dodging is probably the most important thing you should learn quickly. I'm already looking forward to the next part, and thus the story of Strife. How will the Gameplay change here? Just wait and see.
Haiku Review: Love the new combat / What is this sadness I feel / The credits now roll
Favorite Thing: Enjoyed most everything about this game but I especially liked the new combat. I'm not much of a hack & slash fan so this new Dark Souls + Darksiders combat was great.
Least Favorite Thing: I miss the open areas of Darksiders 2.

Date Completed: 2018-12-28
Playtime: 14h
Enjoyment: 9/10
Recommendation: Definitely! I loved this game, you should play it.