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Front Mission 5: Scars of the War review
by MrSpanky

NOTE: played with fan translated english patch.

A good mech game with pseudo real world geo-political themes and a bit of sci-fi tech.

Focus is on combat and its mesmerizing for the the first half of the game until the required grind and unbalanced difficulty in the last chapters ruin the whole experience.

Automated Battle Arenas are provided but its near impossible to gain money do to AI unreliability.

The Simulator for grinding experience is even more unbalanced then the main game, with lower difficulty maps giving almost no XP and the player level appropriate ones giving insufficient XP, on top of a very hard unchangeable difficulty and massive time commitment.

The grind becomes tedium and the lack of money and XP hinders build experimentation, companion swap and an enjoyable rpg experience.

In the end recommended if you want a hardcore turn-based mech game that will not hold your hand.