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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes review
by Marki3810


Ignoring the ludicrous price (even at $19.99 usd), Ground Zeroes is rather enjoyable. Feels pretty much like The Phantom Pain, but ever so slightly less refined. The only main mission in the game is very enjoyable from both a gameplay and story perspective. The side ops are alright but nothing to write home about. Game ran like a dream for me, but Snake's model became blurry when at max settings and the frame rate was locked at 60 fps. Also, I know Kojima is quite the visionary but I think the omission of audio options is a tad bit too ambitious to me. I'm pretty sure windows audio mixer was not part of the creative vision. Other than that, Ground Zeroes serves as a decent (but overpriced) prologue to the Phantom Pain.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a Prelog to the actual Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. In good German, this means: It's a Tech Demo with a little Story as An Appendage. The Focus is clearly on the Presentation of the new Engine, which admittedly is simply impressive! Right at the Beginning, the Player is served a short Intro, which, despite his short Dialogues, has a strong Density and narrative Credibility. So the "Bad Guys" also come across very credibly. This, of course, is also due to the very well staged scenery (Rain ripples on the softened Mud, The Wind moves realistic clothes, hair, Grass) as well as the very good Work of the Snychron Speakers. The Perfomance is incredibly good, there hasn't been as good a Console Port as this one for a long time! Despite the short Intros and the associated rather meagre Story, as a Player you get desire to "show" the "Bad guys" it. The Main Task of the Game is to free Prisoners and bring them to a premediate "Rescue Point" unscathed and as unnoticed as possible. There you can then request a Helicopter via iDroid. It is also very nice that prisoners who are not actually part of the Main Task can still be freed. Unfortunately, this Freedom of Action, even if it is so low, hardly exists in other Games these days. (Keyword, Hose Level). The Way prisoners are Held captive in Unhumane Circumstances like Animals is also very well Staged. You never have the Feeling that you have to finish Mission A now in order to get on, but rather you just want to help these "Polygons" out of the predicament. The Depiction of Violence is intense, but by no means Exaggerated or even Splatter. Cue Freedom Of Action: The Game relies on Stealth action, as you already know it from other MGS parts. You can penetrate into the Base from several Points, slowly move slowly past guards and Watchtowers with Headlights or seal carefully past in the Bush. Guards can be lifted from behind or used to drive to Schlummerland with the Pistol, which has narcotic Ammunition. You will also get the most Points after successfully completing the Missions. But it can also be done differently: With the Sound-steamed Machine gun, you can also shoot down anything that gets in your Way on "Rambo Art." An armored Vehicle then waits a few Corners further to put everything in Ruins from you. The Guards have a good AI! They communicate with each other, sprint realistically into Cover when Shelling, try to flank one. The AI also reacts to Noises, so it is not uncommon in front of which a Guard sees before running noises after the right. The Radio Stresses give the whole thing an extra Intensity. So you think you entered the Prison Camp unnoticed and just while you want to open the rusted Locks in the Rain, you hear exceedingly convincing Radio Messages by reporting that guards have found a dead Guard we haven't hidden well enough, Have. In the Distance you can see the first Flashlights shimmering through the thick Rain and you know: Now gets tight! These sudden "Actions" come very well, even if the AI sometimes gives up too quickly after it has not found what it is looking for. Personally, I find this Freedom of Action very refreshing, even if it is somewhat unusual to watch Snake play Rambo. But that's precisely why the Game feels so "free," I'm not forced to play Stealth Action to win. And that's exactly what is criticized about so many other Games: That they are too one-sided, too repetitive, too monotonous. This is what m.M.n MGS is TRYING to do: AVOID GZ without losing the Intensity of Losing Density! Class! Verdict: Anyone expecting a full-strength game will, of course, be disappointed. Storytelling everything is short and scarce (Prologue), but Well staged and beautiful to look at. Charackers come up credibly. The Game Mechanics are fluid and very accurate, the Freedom of Action is there, the Perfomance is incredibly good and the Graphics are of course also beautiful! Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes makes You want more! Purchase Recommendation for anyone who likes Stealth Action/Action/TPS Shooter, those who want to see their Hardware in Use and don't want a cheap Port and those who want to get a Taste Of the upcoming MGS: Phantom Pain! For what MGS: GZ is and wants to be, I give a 5/5 and make a clear Buy recommendation!