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Troubleshooter review
by MrSpanky

What a strange and interesting game.

- Colorful visuals
- Distinct and unique world
- Combat mechanics
- Music

- User interface
- Tutorials
- Story and dialogues
- Difficulty balance
- Post-game difficulty spike

Korean turn-based, with some sprinkles of visual novel and, as per developer nationality, cheesy koren soap-opera story and dialogues.

Focus is on a complex combat setup of abilities, combos, and its unlocks, in a neverending loop of finding the perfect combo to overcome the dozens of enemies thrown at the player in every single map.

The biggest issue and an actual game killer to its enjoyment is the user interface, which is a clusterfuck of colors, multiple badly designed buttons and popups hiding info in the background. Add a sloppy tutorial and you are forced to slog through wikis and videos to get the basics.

An entire pokemon sub-mechanic that is a mini-game in itself. Another drone building mini-game added on top of it, which is barely mentioned in the main story and has no tutorial.

Maps taking up to 1 hour to complete are the norm, with some needing over 2 hours if you chase that very small amount of XP the main quest gives.

One other big downside is the post-game content which multiplies the difficulty exponentially and will cause frustrating game-overs when suddenly your tanks get two-shotted by a single turn of a single enemy out of a half dozen engaged with it, supported by enemy overwatches and combos that leave no room for error even on the lowest difficulty.

In the end recommended for its unque combination of visuals and mechanics not found elsewhere and worth trying.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Well, this game isnt finished and is missing some stuff that would make it one of the best if not the best of its kind (tactical RPG's) yet what already is ingame is more promissing than Subnautica's earlyest builds. Ill just start with the fact that there is an actual story in this game. Atm. we only see parts of it and get thrown right into the action with different characters that all have their own objectives, yet what we can hear and see so far makes one want to know more. Ill just skip on what the game does great, basicaly its a mixture of Xcom, FFTactics, Newer Fire Emblems AND Only my Railgun (great anime, just recently watched it despite its age, i needed quiet the time to get used to female OP mainchars (even thou Touma is way more powerf ull yet he restrains himselfe and searches for the best solution (safe in index, where he actualy went nuts at least 3 times (and DAMN he WAS angry on that dude that wanted to achive lvl 6(and he kicked his♥♥♥♥♥powerlevels would have ben Touma= Kuririn vs Dude = Berus). Back to the thing why its similar to Only my railgun thou : A bigass City with people posessing Esper Ability's and most of them use them for good and saving people (or for their own gain while saving people at the same time). There are 3 con's atm. wich i already let the dev's know. 1. Is the lack of a character creator, even thou my bet is that they will give us one AFTER one completes the main story (wich has a focus on the chars we already encountered) 2. Is the COOP mode. They said maybe. But this would add greatly to its replayability even when the maps remain the same (the locations of enemy's as well as their numbers AND elite/boss status differ) So i hope it gets added later. 3. Is moddability. Yes given it has quiet the similarity's already why not change Sion to Misaka(they HAVE the same skills) Or even better, let us adjust stuff (like power/level/Ability's of foes) Can i recomend it already despite it being young? Absolutely. Althou let me warn you : The contend is still limited albeit you can grind/level/loot quiet some stuff and gain quiet some power, even when its mostly RPG it still has a sometimes step difficulty (like i said in a forum post, the first time i encountered those dog like thing s i was utterly annihilated by them despite being quiet powerfull) wich can frustrate some people and make them "bad review" a game because they either do not understand OR have the patience for games like that. Its not Xcom here! Your not FORCED to make progress, you can grind, become stronger and try again!