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Griftlands review
by xXWoodinatorXx

I feel like the UI could be better and the explanations to the game mechanics was a bit quick and not super clear but I’m kind of digging the style of the game. The roguelite aspects mixed with a story/journey is pretty fun. 

Beat the first campaign. I liked it. The role playing aspects were pretty fun. It’s not too deep but there’s enough to it. I think it would be really frustrating to have a deep run and then die, which didn’t happen for me. But I almost died during the final fight and that would have been painful. I would not have wanted to start over on the same story.

I’ve liked the second campaign even more to start. Both the story and his play style. Although that might partially be because I have a better understanding of the games mechanics this time around.

Beat the third. It took me two tries. First try I went for the renowned build but found it sucked. Second try I was crushing it. It lost a bit of steam around the end. I was ready for a new game. The third guys gameplay wasn’t as fun as the rook. Smith was probably my favourite in terms of personality and humour but the story decisions weren’t as fun and neither were his decks. The second campaign was the highlight. Fun game though. Ends a very high B.

Final Score: B