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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI review
by floppy85

better multiplayer as the V
«Just one more turn»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After almost 50 Hours of endless Torment, I write a Review ... I am Sorry but Civ6 is worse than its Predecessor in all matters and one thing above all else: Boring and Opritable like Mucus. Honestly, I wonder what's going on At Fireaxis. Civ: Beyond Earth was already groidable but now also the right row to dirty ... I played all the Parts and I grew up with that Row. She has accompanied me through School, Study and now up to Working life as compensation. But this Part brings tears to my Eyes. I try to crumble a lot here:-The AI: There can be no talk Of Intelligence here. The AI behaves absolutely passively on the lower Levels of difficulty and does nothing. In the higher Difficulty straights, the Opponents ' play is so comprehensively improved by Cheating (i.e. the "spontaneous" flopping of extremely good Units) that the Game can be summed up on "build more units than the AI ercheatet." -Diplomacy: All Heads of state have an open and a secret Agenda, allegedly after these Games. But this usually does not work out. Then, when you get declared War by India, win and then dare to conquer a City you automatically have the head of State In ALL * * * *. One is now denounced by every head of State. Achso: Trade with other Heads of state Is kept to a Minimum. -The City-states: Funny, even in the Industrial Age almost every City-state, only builds warriors. Class Fireaxis. In addition, these can only be influenced by Deligts. You get all the X Rounds and then you can use them. But Since you only get two Deligts every 20 Rounds times, the Interaction with City States is reduced to Zero. The Competition for the Favor, as in Civ 5, has completely fallen away. -The Districts: Highly praised for this Innovation I have to say I'm not going to get warm with that. Often enough you can't build enough districts later in the Game because in front of you is the Sea and/or behind you a Mountain Range. I am also forced to specialise quite early on. Because I need an Aqueduct, Entertainment Center and an Industrial Area in every City anyway, later a Residential Center (so ne Art vorstadt, brings more Population space). Then I can only choose whether I build Trade (brings Gold), Culture or Research and then I come to the important Criticism: If it looks the same except for 3 Districts anyway in every City, then I can leave it out. Often then Resources still hide my Way and tja ... Then you are just happy if you can still get an Industrial Area somewhere in your miserable 12Th city. -Faith: Totally dirty. Although I wasn't a Fan of this Aspect before, the Fight is like a cheap Clap from the "normal" fight. Only that there are no different Units. The Missionary is built at first. Later to Combat Inquisitors etc Apostles. Winning is done by the more Belief regenerated each Round. Most of The time, a "religious" AI like India or the Aztecs suddenly comes around the Corner with 5 Apostles and 5 Missionaries at once and then you are completely converted by rush within a very short Time. -Graphic: Complete child Waste and takes the game the Last bit of Realism-The new Kultur-Tact-Tree: Now Works just like the normal Research Stree and no longer asks for great Choices. Depending on the "System of government," I can then choose whether I want to have + 2 Gold for Trade Routes or Whether the Construction Squads can carry out two More Modernizations. Because you can change these Policies at any time, the Impact is minimal, not Game critical. -Trade: Exactly as before, only confusing-Fight: Exactly as before What else is different:-Satisfaction is local again. That's one of the (few) Pluses. Overall, the Game is more Casual and aimed at a significantly younger (and more undemanding) Audience than I portray it. It is a great pity! All Innovations are half-hearted and not thought through. The whole Game is for the Ton. Then stop back to Civ 5!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After a felt eternity with nothing better than Civ Rev, Civ 6 finally got a title from the main series on iOS. Surprisingly, there are few limitations to the PC. Graphically, my iPad Pro can not keep up with my PC, which I see in this genre but as a minor matter. Who knows how fluid or not Civ 6 is on the PC towards the end of a long game, does not have to hope that this is better on iOS. But it is playable in any case, I could, for example. without difficulty complete a game with science victory. I would not recommend playing with the maximum number of AIs on the largest card ... It is a pity that it has almost no DLC content into the game (at least there are the Aztecs). We are also a few updates behind the PC version. Since I have seen some reviews in which e.g. stood that you can not choose the civilization freely o .., I would like to point out here that after a purchase, of course, all settings are available. Only in the free demo mode is limited to the first 60 trains as China.
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Microsoft from Italian
What to say, to be able to play Civ VI on ipad a dream come true. The game itself fantastic, a practically complete verdict of civilization. Only note on the game concerns the level of difficulty, which could scale more efficiently. The very high price, to actually play a full version of the game. Absurd prices for the dlc, which I don't really consider. And now the problems come, on an ipad pro 10.5 (the most powerful on the market up to the update that will come in the coming weeks) the game has continuous bugs, in addition to the fact that playing a map of smaller size requires very long loads at the end . Examples: - sudden blocks with the freeze game; - game that suddenly closes during the turn; - I have a game that I can't finish because the game stops as soon as I get the last enemy capital; - units on alert are not really on alert, but are only fortified. Would I buy it again? Yes. Would I recommend it to a friend? I'm not sure, there are still many problems. Thanks for the amazing feedback! We didn't miss anything: https: / /
Good game if you like history strategy 
«Can’t stop playing»
Civ V is great so there isn't that much pressure to upgrade, but VI includes a lot of great new functionality.