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inFAMOUS Second Son review
by xXWoodinatorXx

It’s alright. The graphics are pretty good for an old game, except I’m finding the lighting and contrast makes it really hard to see enemies or the environment. The opening is fine. Then once the game really starts and you can start clearing out the open world map it’s better, but there aren’t enough upgrades to make it worth while. At least not without progressing the main story first. I also wish the good and evil mechanics were explained better. I don’t really understand how they work or impact my game.

So far the writing isn’t awful but I’m not really liking it either. This main character is meh. 

My biggest gameplay complaint is the melee combat is very simple and doesn’t feel very “weighted”.

Okay I’m probably 75% finished, maybe even more, the brother just died, and I’m calling it. I really don’t like it very much. Nothing is egregiously bad but I don’t really think it does anything well, and I’m not having that much fun. The writing has somehow gotten worse. It’s painfully cheesy. The upgrades are too few and far between. Which is partly because of this flawed good and evil system. But my main issue is I don’t like the combat. I have three different abilities and none of them feel good. They all feel stiff to me, melee is sluggish. The shooting mechanics don’t feel great. I didn’t feel like a superhero. Traversal is not bad though.

Final Score: B

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