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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Playing this in 2023 because I just finished sniper elite 5 and I was looking for another stealthy, open or semi-open world shooter to play. Thought why not give this one a shot. First impressions after only like 20 minutes is that the controls feel clunky. It may end up being short lived. 

Okay I’m enjoying it more. I got stuck on a tough part but now that I’m a bit more familiar and I have a few more unlocks and better guns I am liking it. It’s not great quality, but the idea is a lot of fun. 

Okay it’s pretty fun. I like the way the guns feel. I like sneakily taking out 4 guys at once with the synced kills. The aiming is still stiff. The driving isn’t great. It’s not a high quality product. But it’s fun. There seems like there will be plenty of relevant upgrades to keep things fresh.

I’d love a high quality version of this game. The open world Ubisoft style third person tactical shooter works.

The writing thinks it’s slick and trendy but it’s not. 

I find it funny how every time I capture a helicopter or plane for the rebels I immediately fly away with it after dropping it off at the pick up location.

This was a better “filler game” before Starfield released than I expected. I had fun for a bit. Probably only -30% of the game but I still played a decent amount of time.

Final Score: B+

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In short, Wildlands is another spin on the same old Ubisoft formula that, while it has become dated and somewhat dull over the years, still holds strong. Too many people have written far too many reviews on it, so I won't bother repeating after them.
That said, this game has suffered some really disappointing changes since its release, mainly the squad banter, which was simply cut out of the game at some point due to some players' complaints, instead of being integrated as a toggleable option. It really takes you out of the experience when you're driving a car for several kilometers and your squaddies just sit there silently as terminators. Highly awkward and unimmersive. I'm still hesitant to lower my rating based on that, but now it really verges somewhere on the borderline of "recommended" and "meh".
«Just one more turn»
Play the division 2 instead
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Microtranzactions everywhere
«Disappointment of the year»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After 85H of playing Time on the most difficult Level of difficulty, the Opinion on Ghost Recon Wildlands is very mixed Pros: The Game delights with its beautiful Graphics, its huge Game world as well as the most diverse Biomes. In Addition, spying on hostile Positions and turning them off is a lot of Fun. The Hit feedback has been well done. But that's already with the positive Aspects Of Cons:-The Game is riddled with a lot of Little things that just haven't lost anything in an AAA Game from 2017! -I'll name some little Things that rip out of the Atmosphere every time. -The Cars weigh nothing, so they steer themselves. Ubisoft still seems To have not learned how to control vehicles. -The Damage model of the Cars is good, but even a small lateral stroke is the whole Front of the Car. Then, of course, the Lights should also be destroyed, which they are, but when driving you still have a Cone Of light in front of You, because the Light Cone comes out of the Grille of the car and not from the Headlights. What is Ubisoft supposed to Do? -There is only one Radio Station and the Music there is good, but the Presenter labs so much Stuss and above all the same Stuss again and again that after a short Time you simply shut down the Radio. So More Radio Stations really wouldn't have hurt-Another Point that belongs to the "what's the point?" Category that If helicopters crash (if you jumped out before) they have about an 80% Chance of not exploding. So You can confidently jump off from 5km high, secure the Base and fly on afterwards with the same Helicopter-which smokes something. Now to the Story: You are sent to the fictional Bolivia to kill a Cartel boss there. After 3 Minutes Intro go off with typical Ubisoft Farms: Kill or Save them gradually all the Negotiators of the Boss until it shows up and you can also get it done. The whole thing has a short Video (well done) after every smaller boss, but with that the whole thing has already been done. The such evil Cartel Bosses hardly contradict, help (almost) always very well and betray everyone. A little more Variety would have been appropriate here, too. The little Storytwist At the End, however, does not contribute any more, because it is already expected and is therefore no longer surprising. All in All, a basically beautiful Game, but I am very bothered by the Fact that Ubisoft only produces a Graphic Blender in 2017 (similar to The Devision, Watchdoggs and FarCry (by The way, everyone looks very similar) and seemingly has no Desire to To put neat story on the Legs. If you compare the whole thing with a GTA V that was releast 4 Years earlier, it is simply a Certificate of poverty from Ubisoft. GTA showed that with the Problem mentioned at Cons, all it was not afraid to Avoid it. Only the Game world is not as Varied as here in Wildlands. So If you don't have big Demands and are satisfied with a Varied World (not to be confused with what you have to do there), I recommend this Game, everyone else should leave their Fingers off it.
For me, this is as good as GTA V. It may as well be GTA Bolivia. It is so much fun, makes you feel constantly overpowered and lasts for months.

Such an unappreciated game. 
«Can’t stop playing»
«Liked before it became a hit»
Nice game for co-operative mode but it provides a horrible experience on its story mode. The IA for the squad members is useless and you cannot properly give them orders as in older Tom Clancy's saga games like Rainbow Six.