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A Space for the Unbound review
by zNeverSleep

There are some aspects that I enjoyed here.

The pixel art felt careful and, because of the period it passes, matches with the atmosphere. Some deep scenes were beautiful also. The prologue worked for me, and I was genuinely curious about it. The characters got my attention fast enough. Before I forget, the OST was a highlight here.

Regrettably, the plot doesn't sustain itself. Gameplay-wise, it feels a little empty. There's no challenge, at least in the first 3 hours, and what makes you go ahead is mostly the story and visuals. That's okay for me, but if the gameplay is off, the narrative must be pretty good to compensate. And It is?

Some critiques say that the end is amazing, but man, I don't want to play for 9 hours just to the end. What about the path? The dialogs were too "silly" for me. Cute, but silly. There are some holes too, mostly on some ellipses.

Anyway, I think you should try, but didn't work for me as intended.
«OST on repeat»

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A beautiful and captivating tale, held hostage by annoying puzzles.

Yet again it is an indie title that gives us a story worth playing and remembering and, as is with every indie game, it has its flaws caused by young and inexperienced developers, who artificially increase playtime with annoying puzzles and countless backtracking.

The art style is gorgeous and the indonesian 90's setting a breath of fresh air. Top it all with great music and we have a hidden gem ready to experienced by those who look for more in a videogame.
«That ending!»