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Dave the Diver review
by strawberry100

At first glance, Dave the Diver may seem like a buoyant romp through watery depths, but it quickly reveals itself to be so much more. The story follows Dave as he opens a sushi bar near the enigmatic Blue Hole, a mystical underwater domain that constantly transforms and teems with intriguing marine life. What begins as a light-hearted tale morphs into a substantial narrative, filled with complex characters and unexpected plot twists. The diverse cast of colleagues-turned-friends keeps you engrossed, thanks to their amusing and memorable cutscenes. These interactions are so entertaining that I couldn’t bring myself to skip them, even after being thoroughly acquainted with each one.
«Can’t stop playing»

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Nice and addicting game.
«Just one more turn»
First impressions. This game is fun and I’m really liking it. It has a great gameplay loop. The different tasks and systems are all individually quite simple but they flow very well together. It’s addicting and satisfying. I’m also enjoying the style and the humour. Strong start.

Still having fun. It’s a simple game but it’s addicting. 

Starting to get a little bit repetitive with the scuba diving. I’m realizing it isn’t really randomly generated. I thought it was but the layout is actually the same. 

Ya I’m getting a bit bored. It’s slowing down. I’m on chapter 3, I’ve discovered the underwater city. I’m just finding the gameplay is getting boring.

And I’m over it. Still on chapter 3 but I’m finding the game has really stalled. It’s too slow. There’s no challenge and I already feel like I have a great restaurant set up and scuba set up so I’m really not working towards anything. Based on my initial impressions and the high review scores, this ended up being an underwhelming game.

Final Score: B
A fun, charming and relaxing indie with a somewhat diverse and nice gameplay loop that keeps you immersed and going for hours on end if that's your thing. Highly recommend.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»