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Little Nightmares review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Cool vibes. I like the atmosphere and lighting and the overall creepiness. Puzzles have been decent. Not frustrating which is big for me.

Kid just ate a live rat. Holy fuck.

Beat it and I quite liked it. The atmosphere and environments were awesome. I loved the people and how gross they were. When the kid eats another small creature rather than the sausage that was offered I was shocked and loved it. I didn’t fully understand the ending or story in general but I really liked it. It was strong. The puzzles were pretty good too. Nothing that memorable but clever enough and not too frustrating. The vibes are what this one’s about though. Fun game. I’ll play the sequel at some point.

Final Score: B

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Strange game design with random-killing-you things happen without your influence and you can’t expect it.

Looong loading screens on switch, but reload one room seems not so hard to do. And these looong loading screens make strange game design mads me more.

High attention to small details though, that’s sweet.
I changed my mind about it.

Well, let's just say my first playthrough of this game was not good. However, for some reason, I decided to give the second game a chance, and then... yes! I absolutely loved it. Since I was left with that famous taste of "I want something more," I returned to the first one. So, did it get better after all?

The story was the easiest one to get involved in because I was really into the plot of the second game. The six's perspective became so interesting after seeing what happened before all of that. The villains were not all memorable - and to be honest, they were kind of dumb since the AI is not that good. Speaking about the gameplay, it is strange. It's not that responsive, and the uneven composition just made everything worse. Yeah, it makes sense cinematically, but it's a pain in the a**.

Just like the second game, there's an amazing atmosphere around you. It's not that deep, but it's enough for most people. That game made me value the sequel even more because I could see clearly where they got much better. Anyway, I hope there's a third game.
«That ending!»
Really liked the atmosphere. The puzzles in the DLC were fun. My only complaint is the controls, which are a bit too inaccurate sometimes.
Everything is great except shitty 2.5D camera. 
best game, best music, just best!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
very well made game
«Blew my mind»
Cute, scary, and a little emotional
Just gorgeous in every sense.