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FEZ review
by Serge Ulankin

A great puzzler-platformer that is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. The viauls are stunning, the music is very matching and cute (and I am not a huge fan of 8-bit/16-bit/whatever-bit music), the gameplay is captivating.

I loved the beginning of Fez much. I think many games fail to start the story in a right way. Here everything is done in the best way possible, and that moment with the system reboot is just ingenious. When you rotate the 2D-world for the first time you cannot but WOAH WHAT THE HELL?
On a deeper level, one can think of Fez as of a philosophical parable about seeing things from different angles to find some hidden meaning. The fact that the game doesn't have enemies, you are just left alone to contemplate the complexity of the world, deepens the feeling that you read a smart tale – the one that grownups understand completely differently from how children do.
«Blew my mind»
«OST on repeat»

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«Liked before it became a hit»
«Beaten more than once»
I played this game years ago and I mostly just remember getting stuck on obscure puzzles and googling the answers. I loved the mechanics of the game, but everything outside of that just felt a bit empty from memory.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
FEZ is an extremely interesting Game with the Merger of 2D Platformers and "3D Environment." The Possibilities that result are surprisingly clever, but unfortunately not completely exhausted. There could have been more or more difficult Levels-at least if you see FEZ as a simple Platformer. Apart from this, however, the Game also relies on an interesting Story and above all on many, many Secrets, some of which are very well and mainly painstakingly hidden. So good that the vast majority of Players will only find them with one Solution. What makes FEZ particularly outstanding, however, is the Pixoptic. Many Games, especially Indie Titles, Have been trying to score with a coherent Minimal Graphic Lately. In some Cases, this succeeds quite well, sometimes not at all. At FEZ, it's * really * good. I haven't seen a Game where I felt that absolutely every Pixel was set with as much Care as in this Game-Hats off! If you have enough Patience for two Thirds of the hidden Puzzles, you can spend a good 8 Hours with FEZ. If you really want to find everything yourself, you will also be able to put in (!) more Time. And should pen and paper be ready.
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Microsoft from French
There are some bugs ... but hey, sometimes you have to anticipate. All the games coming out new on Apple, have problems. It is a small team behind and programming is very hard from one platform to another. Just postpone it to loan two. :) This game is one of the best. Putting a canvas on it is just inconceivable for me. So 3 paintings because the bugs are really l, sometimes but univers, this atmosphere is so unique, a real experience that has fills. Iphone 7 and Ipad.
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Microsoft from Spain
Do not buy it on iOS. Buy it for PC or console. Here it is impossible to play with the tactile controls so bad it brings. They can not be configured, the buttons are small, they are accidentally pressed. And the character randomly jumps in the wrong direction ... dying again and again. It's very frustrating. I love Fez, it's one of the best indie games. But this port to iOS is bad. Audio (mostly music) sounds sometimes intermittent. A disaster of experience. Also there is no zoom so many things are illegible on a small screen. Very dissatisfied with this purchase.
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Microsoft from Italian
This is one of those titles that every videogamer must try, a game with attention to detail in a maniacal way and full of surprises, even the soundtrack deserves. When it came out as XBLA on the Xbox 360 it was a real pearl for the console, in this version for IOS it retains all its features, indeed I must admit that turning the screen with a fun and comfortable switch, unfortunately due to inaccurate touch controls, also if it's not one of those frantic platforms. The advice to all lovers of platforms and puzzles is worth every penny ..
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I was delighted to hear that the wonderful game of FEZ is finally up for iOS. The idea is still original, the puzzle tricky, but not unthinkable. Unfortunately, the joy of playing you several factors heavily. The frequent absences, even after the last update, are annoying enough. But even if the game were stable, the control with the directional pad in the display is so small and imprecise that you have to play through the same situations ten times, because the figure jumps off too early, does not climb when it should or even turns around, instead of going forward to run. At some point you will not feel like it anymore. Too bad.
It's a great concept for a game, with a neat 3D mechanic. However, if you don't have consistent time to learn the geography of the world it's pretty hard to get from world to world.
One of the most aesthetically pleasant, innovative and just purely astonishing platformers to ever be.
The soundtrack's remixes are so damn creative they deserve an special mention:
(The tracks themselves don't appear within the game, but are remixes of the original ones that were collected in two different albums due to their popularity.)
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»