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Senua's Saga: Hellblade II review
by rochallor

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Ended the game in a bit more than 5 hours, and oh boy what a let down. Even while writing this I struggle to find anything it does better than the original game.

The first 2/3rds of the game were my favourite part. To see Senua again and embark with her in this new chapter, where she tries to find her place in the world, I really got envolved with that. The game is very atmospheric and gloomy, there is minimal UI, which sets the ambience nicely and guides you in an almost cinematographic way. The first settlement and the plot with the [spoiler] first two giants and their emotions [/spoiler] and how Senua deals with this was really solid for me, because we also understand the things she's being through.

But this is really all I can say I liked about this game. The graphics are fantastic sure, but after the first hour everything start to feel like a well done UE5 tech demo, you know? Lots of moments that doesnt add anything to the caracters or the plot, like the [spoiler] whole cave scene, which was made only to show the light effects, or the forest which served as ultimate purpose: nothing at all. [/spoiler]

The gameplay mechanics are ridiculously weak, with no improvement from the first game as far as I remember. The fights as well. You walk a lot on this game. If you were with the ones who said God of War and The Last of Us were walking simulators, wait until you get to this one. One could argue that the game is story focused but how in hell my brother in christ [spoiler] that last hour of the game can be defended. It looked so rushed ald half baked. The last boss is ridiculous, for one or the Godi was a supernatural being after all and summoned all those giants or all the giants are interpretations of Senuas mind of natural disasters. Any interpretation leaves gaps on the plot. [/spoiler]

TL;DR I'm so glad it came to gamepass, because I would be mad af to pay 50$ for a 5 hour game.. This game looks like a big UE5 tech demo made for investors, other developers and cinema industry, so they hire NT for their games facial animations, light effects and cutscenes.
«Disappointment of the year»