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DRAGON BALL FighterZ review
by Sr_Sandokan

Un poco caro para mi gusto, no es el precio que pondría a un juego de este tipo. Pero obviando el coste el juego está realmente bien hecho, la jugabilidad es fantástica y las animaciones fluidas, cuando se utilizan los golpes especiales parece que estés viendo el anime, impresionante. La historia es un tanto repetitiva pero está aderezada con animaciones simples y guiones pasables. Es muy entretenido, tiene algún problema de conectividad, y la perspectiva de los season pass o DLCs me parece un sacadinero que odio profundamente. Da la impresión de que últimamente no compras un juego completo sino que lo adquieres por fascículos.  Si ignoramos este tema y uno se plantea esperar a que salgan los DLCs y hacerse con un oferta realista. Es un buen juego.
«Blew my mind»

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A complete masterpiece and essential game for Dragonball fans. 

Love is poured into every single attack animation, character model and super.
«Can’t stop playing»
The Dragon Ball Z universe has had so many video game adaptations and I'm sure a lot of them are pretty mediocre. I have even played some pretty meh titles myself. You just never felt like anyone from the show. I kept hearing that if you wanna feel that energetic fast-paced action you need to get your hands on Dragon Ball FighterZ. The reviews and impressions were bang on. Throwing the signature Kamehameha or a Destructo disc is easy yet very rewarding. The action is so tight and quick it flows so smoothly for a split second you actually feel like your watching the show. I don't think I could ask for a better video game adaptation for one of my all-time favorite anime.

 Story - There are three different stories in Dragon Ball FighterZ. This is a completely original new story built just for this game. I liked the story but it has its problems mostly just the way the campaign lays it out. The first and second stories are kinda boring and nothing interesting was happening and it got a little boring. When you finally get to the meat and bones of this story with the third and final arc it really starts to pick up and become its own thing. Personally, I think they should have gone with the cinematic fighter like Mortal Kombat. Instead, they go with the semi turned-based maps that are pretty uninspired and didn't really change much as you went.
DBZ will never look or play this good again
The DBZ game the FGC has been waiting for for years, and the marvel killer to boot? This really was lighting in a bottle.
«Better with friends»
Amazingly animated, electric 2D fighter. Held back by an abysmal story mode that's so padded out only the most dedicated fans will bother completing it. There are only so many clones you can fight before it all becomes a blur.
«Better with friends»
Dragon Ball Fighterz is a 2D fighting game that seeks out to capture the visuals and style of the popular animated series and it absolutely sticks the landing. Though there are aspects of the game that do fall flat.  The need to be online even if you’re not playing online is annoying, the lobby while a fun idea just slows you down and the story mode has a solid plot but it never rises above just doing basic fights over and over again.  That being said, none of this stops Dragon Ball FighterZ from being a very good fighting game and the best Dragon Ball Z game ever.
«Can’t stop playing»
Fast and frenetic!  

Joy to play and incredibly satisfying to look at.

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Microsoft from French
Overrated and overhyped game! So certainly, I fully understand the effervescence caused by this game:-graphics at the top, cell-shading mastered-finally a real game of lively fight in the universe dBZ but it ends there for me. first grievance: the price CA remains simply astounding to see the basic game at this rate for the little content it offers (small roster, little land, music?). Worse, the shamefully displayed policy of taking customers for good milk cows. 3 editions at simply astronomical prices. Basic version €60 €95 version + which "adds" 8 characters (DLC so not yet released, we do not know who will be these 8 Persos, although some names are pressentis). Do the math: €4.40 the personal it stings! €110 the ultimate version which in addition to the 8 characters will offer animated music (mainly openings including that of DB GT??!) as well as the voices of commentators clearly the biggest black point of the game. Bandai Namco is given to donf... Music: Ooh my God, they put us themes... Allergic attention to electric guitar solo too sustained... go your way. Nothing convincing, the music becomes even painful in the long... because it is too lezbo and too similar. I conceive, it is subjective, it pleases or not... but I'm not hot at all. Graphics: we can not blame the little guys of arc system works. The DBz universe is not only respected, but mastered. the cell-shading is optimal and we find ourselves in front of the cartoon of our childhood (or in progress for some), the animations are sumptuous. This is simply the best Dragon Ball released on PC/consoles... I speak 2 minutes of my scpecs: i5 3470 8Gb RAM (DDR3) GTX 1070 0 lags, 60 fps... well optimized gameplay: arc system works obligates, the gameplay is good as it "breaks" the codes of the known combat game series and forces the player to extricate themselves from the banal I def ', I against... and imposes to create combos to leave no chance to the opponent. However I approached the system of auto-combos. Too often the same blows during the fight. But the worst in my opinion is not so much this auto combo... Not... the worst is for me to "play" the same character every time! Each individual with different unique shots coughed no problem... but to get these shots out, these are the same input to enter (1/4 front/rear-low + HP circles to send the opponent in the air,... I go and the best) so I know, they will tell me, these are the same inputs but each character is played differently... Yes... I want to believe it, but absolutely not convinced. I find it frustrating in the end. Where a good old howarang, Mitsurugi or Ken asked for good hours of help to even get out some shots, here it is less exciting. I also doubt the usefulness of having simplified the gameplay to "access" the game to the neophytes of ASW. Again I am convinced that the 3 V 3 of DB fighterz brings a bit of strategy (or "depth") according to some.... but it remains frankly limited. Eventually, the novelty welcome in this Opus is the management of the bar of life of its characters... but it could have been even more work. We are a long way from the depth of play of their previous franchises! I do not fit in the ridiculous history mode only as a tutorial (showing the different attacks of different Persos) since this game is cut for the VS online mainly. In the end: wait patiently for an "all-inclusive" version of the game, with a good promo in some time not to have this unpleasant impression of you being robbed (for my part, I had limited bad to the ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. ♥ ♥. And it's a fan of the DB series that tells you that, which of course has bled well Blazeblue calamity trigger (a hell of gameplay slap at the time)
Exelent PVP fighting game
«Just one more turn»
«Liked before it became a hit»
Hope the community will still be alive by the time all the bugs are fixed. The game is not really bad, but you can’t understand that because of endless technical issues that ruin the fun. Right now server are overloaded, matchmaking doesn’t work right, and the game in general needs to be seriously overviewed and fixed. 
I think, it’s the best DB fighting game so far. Very enjoyable gameplay, nice graphics, the story within is gorgeous. If you’re a fan of the series, just like me, you shoul definitely play the game.