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Grand Theft Auto V review
by Sr_Sandokan

GTA, que decir que no esté dicho, la historia es fantástica, te engancha la disfrutas, las voces de los actores los personajes todo es bueno. El multijugador es una maravilla en cuanto a lo que puedes hacer, no se en cuanto a conectividad como es en estos momentos, cuando me tocó jugarlo era al principio y era un sufrimiento constante. El rendimiento era un tanto dispar, del orden que parecía que se base en una moneda tirada al viento. Tardaba en cargar lo que no está escrito te tiraba de los servidores cada dos por tres y los chetos reinaban en la ciudad que daba gusto, y digo que daba gusto pro que repartían pasta como tierra.
Si quitamos todos esos problemas técnicos, el echo de que lo sacasen mil años después en PC que el tipo que dirige la compañía odia a los jugadores de esta plataforma (incluso aunque le pagues, le da igual el tipo lo tiene claro, PC=MALO) es un gran juego, de lo más entretenidos y con amigos más.
«Blew my mind»
«Liked before it became a hit»
«Better with friends»
«OST on repeat»

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«Can’t stop playing»
I played this game for over five years now. I remember the good ol' days of me first playing this marvelous game, from learning how to fly a plane to getting obliterated by a rhino tank online. This game always comes back to me no matter how long I've stopped playing for.
My rating 10/10
yeah ight
Amazing story, fun online mode, and just tons to do. Overall a great game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Gta Online: What was a REALISTISCHES Game at first ... Where you accompany your Character on his Way as he completes missions and earns money to buy a nice Apartment has recently evolved into a Game about the ABSOLUTEN MEGALOMANIA. For example, at that Time the Adder (bugatti veyron) was the most popular Car in the Game and the most expensive and if you saw someone who drove him you knew that the one had ordaically "Cash in the Täsch" yet this changed unfortunately and cars became more expensive and Real estate ever crazier When you Join a Server these days, you'll find pretty much the following: You're standing in a place ... Where you might look at the mobile phone first and you want to transfer the Money you have, you hear it popping ... What happened? Another player drives you over without reason and shoots you without being able to get up. Since the update, it is also extremely common that one is killed by one of the new FLIEGENDEN Motorcycles or simply taken away by an Orbital satellite during a Mission. So around 500,000$ ... But this is for most Players no problem about 95% of Players have not earned their Money honestly. They have been given the Money by Modders or have multiplied It using Explode methods it is really sad that such an unrealistic and unfortunately broken Game has become full of Modders and Idiots. As for Rockstar's anticheat measures, these have failed across the Board, you see more People with a player level in The multi-digit dog range than ever before and Players who want to work out the Money honestly are doomed to be in Solo Sessions To grin missions to keep up with the others.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Now I also have to give up my Mustard to GTA V. SinglePlayer: The Game is typically GTA like simply horny and makes you feel Like it. Carts steal and mop up, trade on the Stock market (which gets a bit rogue with Time) and the Heists you can often pull through in several different Ways. Add to that the Special Abilities of each Character and the typical Open-World Feeling. In short: Must Whim and is a clear Buy recommendation Multiplayer For those who don't have it yet: Honestly, I have no Idea what Rockstar thought, but I think it was purely about coal. As a Beginner, you have hardly any Opportunities to afford even a little, especially if you play alone and no umpteen Friends to pull you along. Will be boring in the Long run. Worst Of all, though, are all the Kiddies that (almost all) had SxX with my Mum and howl unFlemish, and especially all the Cheaters. You are shot by a wandering PIXEL. Gaaaanz Big Cinema! As a Beginner, you are a Free Wlid for all The Idiots who go hunting With Tanks, Planes and heavy Weapons. Or you suddenly get Millions from an Unknown-and then get kicked by the oh so infallible Anti-cheat system and, if necessary, blocked it, as you got illegal InGame money. Suuper! Motivation high 10 so to speak:-/ All the Updates are only available to buy even more Cash Cards, because as a normal mortal you can't buy the whole stuff anyway. In Summary, you have to say: If you want to play the game as a Single-player, you should strike when it is in the Sale, for example (like me). If YOU want to play MP, choose another Game, there are really better ones than the whole Pay-to-Win Remembrance here. And how to rate now? Difficult. SinglePlayer I highly recommend, but since only updates come out for the MP there are a fummy Down. Sorry, Rock Star, but you guys are too Money hungry for me.
Played this back in 2013. It was a good send-off for the past-gen consoles. For a little while, I felt rich playing it. The scope was overwhelming. But eventually, I worked my way through it, and by the end I felt kind of empty. The story was off-puttingly cynical and there's about 15 missions that, upon replaying it on my PS4, I realized were dogshit. I'll always admire the ambition, but I don't think it's the masterpiece others thought it was. 
Way more fun to play with friends. 
«Better with friends»
I can see why people like this game. However, for me, the interesting things to do are too far and few between. A lot of effort was placed into detailing the game but the gameplay feels less polished. The online aspect is fun for a while, but even that sort of runs out of steam. 

Just not for me. 
Pure shit. There are two good things in this game: Lamar and driving. Sadly, too much of the game is not that. Rockstar spends too much time trying to turn games into movies to realise that all the writing is shit. The reason I like Lamar isn't because I find him funny or cool, but because he doesn't feel like a fucking cartoon. Everyone else was completely flanderised before even being introduced to the player. The combat is boring, the jokes are kindergarten-esque, and Rockstar can't help but get the cum in your eyes.
I've spend life time wandering in GTA V.
«Liked before it became a hit»