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The Binding of Isaac review
by Yubal

Uno de los juegos a los que más horas he echado en los últimos tiempos.

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great for the roguelike genre, but not exactly my thing or my story
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game is so simple and so complicated. The Basic Principle is completely captured within a few Minutes-It is necessary to Penetrate to the Boss of the Plane and then, after Defeating the dishtaking one Level further down, to pursue the same Rhythm. However, as is often the case Here, the old Adage applies that it is precisely that "easier said than done." At First it is still quite easy and you can quickly get started. If you're just starting items, there are hardly any Items available and they're pretty easy. More Life, more Harm or The like. More Complicated ones will only be unlocked during the Course of the game, so that the Player with the greater Experience also gains greater Opportunities. Things like Flying Ability then come on top of that. However, anyone who now expects that Game to end up being boring or even light has been missing widely. In Contrast, the further you get, the more Content is unlocked, both new Monsters and new Bosses, as well as new items. As a result, the Game becomes heavier and longer and longer. The first Time the Player defeats the Boss at Level 6, the Round ends and a Sequence plays. The subsequent Rounds are 2 Levels longer and with another Final Boss and even later you can play even further. The DLC, "Wrath of the Lamb," expands this Description even more-Even nasty Enemies and even more Items, whereby the ItemImposition Is not as noticeable as the Opponent reinforcements, so that the Game rapidly gains in difficulty. So It's also something for hard-edged Ones who like to play difficult games and this one for so long that others have been giving up for a long time, because the Limit is only reached late and the Finish Line is comparatively high in the End. For my Part, I played the Game completely and then I bought the DLC directly and I can say that it will be much more fun, much more and much heavier! All in all very coherent, the Music fits well with the Ambience, there you can't complain and I have to admit that I have sometimes wanted to listen to the Music of the Game than to turn on my own Titles. The Graphics Are not now a High-end Graphics that loads the PC to the Limit, but that's not required either, especially since you can't complain about the Effects. Simply kept, you can look from above at the respective Room, which is always new In its Appearance, depending on the Content, there are not too few content and many Gimmicks make the Game quite respectable and give it its own Charm. In Short, highly recommended those who like to play challenging 2D Action Adventures in The style of the old "The Legend of Zelda" dungeons should buy this Game, because the Price is downright ridiculous for a lot of Hours of Fun to have with it.