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The Darkness II review
by Dakota

I was NOT expecting what I got. I had never played the first Darkness game and I got this in a Humble Bundle ages ago so I went in blind. What I ended up getting was a supernatural mafia shooter game with snakes and british farting demons. This game has major charm. The shooting is extremely smooth and with the Darkness snakes alongside you, you're able to get creative with how you kill. You can pick up a pool stick and impale the enemy against the wall or lift them up and throw them into their friend, knocking them down and getting and easy double kill. You can also simply rip them in half then tear their heart out for combat upgrades. I could go on and on about how you can kill them, but that would take ages. The combat isn't the only great thing about this game. The story places Jackie Estacado, the leader of a mafia of sorts in a war with a supernatural cult who wants to steal the Darkness from him and use it for their own goals. The Darkness is an ancient entity of great power that doesn't always have the same goals as Jackie and so it serves as both a protagonist and an antagonist. Jackie's girlfriend since childhood Jenny was murdered by his uncle in the previous game and so in The Darkness 2 he experiences the mental aspects of losing the only person he's close to and questioning if he's going insane as he one day wakes up in a mental asylum with Jenny herself as his nurse. He fights to figure out what is real and what isn't in this action packed psychological horror shooter. I've played it more than 3 times through.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»

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A bit short but still a better story then 95% of all Call of Duty Storylines. I even gonna get myself the 1st part after this one and definitely hope for a 3rd. The gun-play and the ideas of this game are really refreshing.

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Every Minute!!! If you buy the Game and you can buy it on DE-Steam!!!: Go To the DLC list immediately and make out Low Violence! THIS SPIEL IS ONE MAL RIGHT GEIL FROM ME an absolute Buy recommendation in a Sale or via Bundle (where I got it from) I got this Game in a Bundle because I thought the screenshot really didn't look bad ... Well after that it was dormant in my Picture library for quite a while until I finally became aware of the Sale. It's a really really good Game, I never expected it to be that good and which, in addition to the satisfying gore effects and interesting Idea with the extra Arms, I really liked the Plot. I haven't seen such a good Ending in a long time, the same is how I imagine it. Cut it is only half as much Fun, I almost didn't want to keep playing even before anyone alerted me, because it just looks inrealistic when you throw a Saw blade very tightly and just hurl the Opponent away instead of throwing it away in 2 Allocate. 10/10 (if in the Sale)
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I have to say The Darkness II has really positively over-inspired me! Back then on the PS3 I tried a Demo of it, but with the Weapons and Tentacles I was cluttered to the Controls on the Gamepad, which works very well with the Mouse and Keyboard. The Story was what surprised me the most, it's very well written and especially later in the Game you're never so sure if all the events are real or just a Conceit or what's real About it or a Conceit or whether both are real and a Conceit is od He none of them ... ahhh ... Well, the Game has its own twisted Charm, especially through the Artifacts you find and the Information about it and because some are somewhat moved. The Graphic Style is like being in a Comic, so thick black Strokes around the Edges of the Characters, guns are just everywhere, similar to Borderlands 1 and 2 The Gameplay with the Firearms is so icy. Like any other First-person shooter, only that there are not many Weapons, but through the Demons poor their Execution Possibilities, and types Of interaction come into a lot of variety and Also with the Opponents they bring again and again new Challenges and Tactics emerge. The Co-Op mode brings four new Characters their own Tasks and have a Story with them, and all four Characters have special Features and part of Jacky'S Abilities, in addition to having some special Weapons like a katana. You can complete these Misions alone or just as mentioned in the Co-Op. On the normal Level of difficulty, the Game is quite well balanced and also People who want a Challenge find it here, even if you want to do all the Secrets and Achievements is busy for some Time. All in all, I can recommend the Game without considering, but only in uncut as the cut version is really badly affected and far from different as is possible.