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Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition review
by Tramandai

I didn't enjoy the original game at all and nearly forced myself to try the enhanced edition of it. And I was amazed that it felt almost like a completely different game. The game is fully voiced now. There are extra quests. The previous writing was refined. Companions now have serious backgrounds. The lore now feels very integral. The graphics was improved (although it was already good). The UI got refined. So, if you didn't enjoy the original game, I really really recommend trying Enhanced Edition. To me it felt like the best enhanced edition of any game I'd seen before.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Actually, I wanted to get Part 2, but the persistently stable Purchase Price kept me from doing so. I bought Part 1 in sale at Steam for around £13.00. Divinity: Original Sin-Enhanced Edition really grabbed me. I've been playing with a Friend for 60 Hours now and it's really addictive. Each (r) takes control of two Characters (initially only one). Without having tried it so far, I think the Replay value in choosing other Character classes is high. Unfortunately, we did not include a Thieb/rogue in the Group. I'm pretty sure the Gameplay looks completely different then, as completely different Possibilities are likely to open up. I didn't think this Game would grab me like that. It is incredible how much Depth of Play and love to Detail is revealed here. Just the whole different Possibilities to Successfully complete a Fight are impressive. In particular, the Combination possibilities of Combat Spells and their Effects are fascinating. The Feeling of a Solution for the result-at first (second, third, etc.) Looking impossible to find seemingly obvious Challenges (even with Puzzles)-is very satisfying. The Quick Storage Function, in my Experience, should be your constant Companion. The Dialogues in the German Translation are phenomenal and the Humour is exactly my Taste. For some Time I have rediscovered the German Language in Games for myself, having long preferred rather the English Versions-a Mistake. In the Beginning, you have to be very careful and think carefully about whether you don't go on in a different Place. The Level of the Opponents should definitely be kept in Mind, otherwise the Group will die in the Blink of an eye. Provided You have a fluid Gaming experience, provided some training Time. Impressive to What the Developers have done. My first Impression of the Range of games-in terms of the Size of the Game world-was completely wrong. The World is divided into maps connected To each other. And there are some of them. At least we thought we were progressing much faster towards the End of The game than it is after 60 Hours of Play. You can certainly work out the Main Action Strand consistently, but we want to explore and discover everything the Game has in store. Negative Criticisms: * initially you (at least me and my Friend) need some Training time to internalize the basic Mechanics (Character Illumination, combination of fighting Spells, etc.) * an Ad Error that occurs from Time to Time after the Loading a Memory booth In Terms of Character values and Health, reloading the memory booth * can fix the Time you "sink" into the Game * Sometimes the Merging (chaining together) and/or Separating the two in the Co-op mode controlled Characters bugged (in this Case can probably only be solved by the Host-in my case my friend-so no more Precise explanation available from my Side) conclusion: Unrestricted recommended for all the Role-playing games and tactical Lap fights Love.
I tried this game before they lunched the Enhanced Edition, and it was good back then. Story telling, fighting everythin in the game was awsome, now with the Enhanced Edition... Everything looks 100000 times prettier. 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Divinity: Original Sin is one of the greatest cRPGs ever released. It is great in each and every respect from the overall visuals to the soundtrack to the combat system to the writing. It brought me hours of entertainment and Enhanced Edition was a great excuse to return to the game.