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Cuphead review
by Tzeelim

This game demonstrates that there's always something new that can be done in gamedev, even when "new" means copying visual style from retro cartoons and add some amazing jazz ensemble tracks. It is fun, fast and difficult, the small jokes are great, and the gameplay itself is surprisingly very solid, so you will enjoy it as a game, not just a piece of art.

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What is there to say that hasn't been said? The highlights are the art and the music and that's obvious from the trailers. The game does lack content in my opinion, but really is worth the trip down this unique and meticulously created game.
Decent to a strong 8.
10/10 - finished with +300 deaths and several breakdowns
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Hard but absolutely worth it. I don't like the actual run and gun levels but the boss levels are all incredible and make the game. Whenever I'd beat a boss I'd shout "YES!" in victory. 

I only wish more games with unique animation styles and characters will become a thing (and popular). 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
I recently picked up this game when it launched on Switch. For a long time I wasn't even aware what the game was about, nor was I aware of the games infamous difficulty. Throughout the past year I have found myself playing a lot of From Software games and appreciating the level of difficulty and feeling of accomplishment you get for finally beating a boss. Despite Cuphead being so far from a Soulsbourne game in gameplay and the Souls comparison getting staler by the minute; this game fits nicely in that hard but fair gameplay I've come to love. 

First things first, this port is excellent. I pretty much played exclusively in handheld mode on my switch and never had any drop in framerate, input lag and the game looks truly amazing. From everything like the hand drawn characters and animations to the lovely backdrops of the levels, it plays homage to its influences perfectly. Alongside the lovely visuals is a soundtrack that booms personality and has obviously been made by people with a massive appreciation and knowledge about 1930s cartoons. More importantly than these points though, is that the game is just really fucking fun. The difficulty progression was for the most part great and I definitely myself gradually getting better at the game the more bosses I defeated. Despite the difficulty I never felt like the game was "too hard" or that it was unfair to the player which is the most important element to a game like this IMO. Every boss you kill gives you some feeling of success and finally working out a good tactic to tackle a hard fight always felt great.

The game isn't insanely long, it took me just under 15 hours, but I've heard it can take as low as 8 - I sucked. What it lacks in length it makes up for in solid gameplay and one of the most fun experiences I've had gaming in a long time. Plus the replayability is great with different difficulties, ratings and items to collect. On top of this it has a co op mode too. At the price of 16.99 I'd be hard pressed to give you any reason to not buy this game, unless you're not into challenging games.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Cuphead is a Jump & run with crisp shoot ' em up-and-run & gun levels and a coherent, bizarre and wittily animated 1930s cartoon graphic style so stunning and beautiful you instantly fall in love with the Game. The scraped Up piano Climper in typical jazz and ragtime pieces also plays its Part in the Atmosphere. The Main Focus is on the Boss fights, of the sidescrorolling Run & Gun levels there are only a Handful. Compared to the crazy Confrontations, which always take place in several phases, a Large Part of the Running sections pales in, although outstanding moments remain in the memory there too-for example, when Cuphead runs on the Ceiling In a Horror cabinet or by a Troll is haunted through a Ruin. The Heroes ' Movement Repertoire is perfectly attuned to the Demands: Cuphead and Mugman shoot, jump and travel distances by Boost. If you Press The Jump button as soon as you land on pink marked Objects, your Super Bar will be charged-with it, you will unleash particularly powerful Attacks. The classic horizontal Shoot-em-up is really tricky, so tricky that you will surely have to start the same Level several times, and one or the other "curse" Escapes you. Nevertheless, each Level can be managed with enough Endurance. This Game is so beautiful and, above all, creative that you just have to have it! So please buy, buy and buy again, otherwise you will miss something!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
My Review of Cuphead. This Review will be long and detailed, if you don't Feel like reading, just scroll down to > > Conclusion < > Gameplay < < The Gameplay is great, only the control with Mouse and Keyboard is a bit fiddly. If you have a Controller, it should be the best way to use it. > > Graphics & Soundtrack < < Simple a Masterpiece. Since the whole Game is hand-drawn, it has its own Charm. I really like the thirties Cartoon style. Also, the Soundtrack is awesome, it's all matched. > > Characters < < There are no characters except Cuphead, Mugman, Old Kettle, Mr. King Dice and the Devil himself. There's not much to talk about the individual Characters except for which Mr. King Dice Likes to sing. Of course, here, too, the Characters have been drawn with great Attention to Detail. > > Bosses < < Bosses are the most important in the whole Game. They are all unique and bock-heavy. If you are interested in this Game, then you should bring Patience, because the Bosses are not easy. It is the Dark Souls of the Porcelain Stalls. There are not only Boss fights, but also so-called Run 'N Gun Level in which you run away shoots. In this Mode, you can collect Gold Coins to buy new Attacks. > > Story < < The two Cup Brothers Cuphead & Mugman are in the Devil's Casino and have a lucky Streak, so bet them with the Devil for the soul of the two. But they lose and beg for their Soul to come back. So it happens that they have to collect the Souls of others. > > Conclusion < < Well, after 12 Hours I liked my Opinion. It's a beautiful Game in thirties Optics, with bock-heavy Bosses and the enduring Question of what a Magical Stuff the Team of MHDR SMOKED Because of the Quirky bosses. But well we come to enldich at the End, so if you're into a totally heavy game with great Graphics and great Sound, take a closer Look this time. (Screenshots follow in short.) Hopefully I was able to help you with this Review.
Haiku Review: Big boy pants are on / Did not pull out all my hair / It is tough, for sure
Favorite Thing: It's a toss up between the style it's oozing and how well crafted the fights are.
Least Favorite Thing: 8-way aiming. It's so unnecessarily restrictive.

Date Completed: 2018-07-30
Playtime: ~ 9h (100% ingame completion)
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: It can be really hard but it's definitely worth your time.
This fantastically unique run and gun platformer is truly rewarding in every aspect – phenomenal art, jazzy soundtrack, challenging levels and unique bosses that make each victory a very satisfying experience. My heartily recommendation to everyone who likes a good game.
This is a definition of an positively addictive game. Every time you die, you feel like you learned something that will help you to beat this level next time. Cuphead will help you develop determination in yourself like no other game.