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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review
by xip

Remember the "diving" stuff in Sci-Fi futuristic media where you'd virtually go into a different world? This is the current-gen equivalent of that. A beautiful open living world that never kicks you out of your immersion and keeps calling you back long after you've completed the masterfully-told story. Insane attention to detail, crazy polish, characters from integral ones to NPCs that actually don't remind you they are scripted, hundreds of unique side quests, much more, and a weird horse.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Sir Lagsalot
THAT. I totally agree on the "diving" stuff. BTW Did you know that the book author worked on all the main story points of the game? That's why it's so alive. The person who created these charaters took part in game development!
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Absolutely a Masterpiece
only about 10 hrs in but i love it dearly
«Can’t stop playing»
tl;dr An absolute masterpiece and a genre defining game. |.|

I can't sing this game enough praises. This game will absolutely suck you in from the first minute until you finally finish Geralt's quest. The storytelling (Yes, I know it's based on a novel) is top notch, the world design is phenomenal, the music is near orgasmic, and the characters will pull you in and make you feel that you are indeed a witcher. If this game has somehow slipped under your radar, do yourself a favor and pick it up. CD Projekt Red has released an absolute must play gem.

This is one of very few games I would ever consider giving this score but, 10/10 this game is (as stated above) an absolute masterpiece.
Absolutely incredible
If any of the people leaving positive reviews on Monster Hunter World had played this, they wouldn't be leaving positive reviews on Monster Hunter World.
«Beaten more than once»
I have way more than 100 hours in it on my PS4 and I started replaying it on PC too, What can I say? This really is a GOTY, and CDPR deserves all the support and praise it got for it. Truly a masterpiece.
The best adventure I've seen in my entire life – not only in games, but also in books, in movies, anywhere! This is why games are the future of story-telling. I strongly believe that every developer has to play The Witcher 3 before starting his own game. Not to understand that you can't do nothing even close to this masterpiece, but to see that amazing, out of the box games can be done without following stupid modern trends and still be praised and profitable. This game redefined the cRPG genre and I can't wait for CDPR to drop Cyberpunk 2077.
I have played dozens of games over the last few years, and I doubt that anything can even compare with Witcher 3. From the visuals to the lore to the gameplay mechanics to the story – this is one the best piece of art humanity ever produced. CDPR are the masters of RPGs and they definitely raised the bar in gamedev that no one could reach up to this day. This game is worth any money it is sold for, trust me, it so good you'll want two copies.
«Just one more turn»
I invested many hours into it, on the console, on the PC, the game is great anywhere. It's worth a single cent even when it is sold for the full price. There are so many content and non-linearity and choices are so compelling that it is easy to replay it for four or five times, which will make up for a decade if you have a job and a social life.

Waiting for the game of the decade edition!
«Can’t stop playing»
This is the epitome of how games should be made. The Witcher drove me back home after a long day at work for a year. It brought tears to my eyes. It made me laugh. It made me angry. It made me happy. It made me fall in love with gaming all over again.
«Just one more turn»
«Sit back and relax»
One of the best RPGs of last years.
«Blew my mind»