Arturas's review of the game Far Cry New Dawn
Feb 22, 2019
Why Meh? Even after dozens of hours of gameplay I truly and deeply enjoyed?
Well, it's Meh because I fail to imagine a person I would recommend this game to. This clearly requires some background, so here it is: I've got the game as a video game reviewer, cause that's what I do on a small local stage. I'm also known for giving good, or very good ratings to even mediocre games, cause, well I always try to look at the game through a perspective of an audience that may like it and describe this audience in my reviews. Call it a failed issue of faith, but I have this strong belief that there are no shitty beers, or games (with just a few exceptions in each area).
So, this is what happened with Far Cry: now that I have it I like it, I really enjoy it, but I can't imagine the situation when I would buy it. Everything about New Dawn is weird to a point when it's not exactly clear why it was made in the first place. It's a shitty sequel to FC5, it's even shittier take on the topic of Fallouts and Mad Maxes. Everything within it screams, that it could be another Battle Royale game but it isn't and while there is co-op mode and dedicated missions, one can barely feel it, cause having a partner is purely optional. It has new overpowered and oversimplified (in their use) weapons, so it's also a shitty shooter.

It's properly pink. So that's kind of unique.

I mean this game is a part of Far Cry loop when they make new chapter first, then build a stand-alone spin-off on top of it. Previous examples include Blood Dragon (easy to describe — hilarious, very well written, sci-fi movie like experience), or Primal (again, easy — a first-person open-world adventure in the stone age (like, really, one of the few that exists and completely alone in modern AAA space). In both cases, regardless of the final quality, the original offering and presentation were clear while released product consistent with expectations. New Dawn is just weird. But now when I have it, I do enjoy it. I threw away stupid weapons and set myself certain exploratory goals, just because I had to play it, but then I liked it and played some more. I'm entirely not sure if I'd be satisfied if I'd paid for it, cause I can't imagine the situation in which I buy specifically this expansion. With that said I also have to be completely honest, that even while I enjoy playing around, I could get the same sense by just re-installing Far Cry 5 or playing any other enjoyable game instead. Even after so many hours, nothing sticks out as surprisingly good in general terms and especially in case if a player is already familiar with Far Cry 5. 

TL:DR: Nothing, in particular, is wrong with this game. However, nothing in it stands out or feels memorable. It's a sandbox in a very direct sense. Good spot to sit and play if there's nothing else to do... And I have troubles imagining a modern-day gamer with nothing else to do :D.
So I really and honestly do not know for whom New Dawn was made and if those people would enjoy it more than I did.