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System Shock review
by Schattenfix

I played the original game when it was first released, and I was absolutely immersed in this dreadful world ruled by the AI S.H.O.D.A.N., who has no morality because you deleted the subroutines. She is one of gamings most evil antagonists for me.
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»

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Holy shit. This game rips. I was blown away. Most of all, I can't believe this game flew under my radar for so long. Start to finish, this is just a joy to play. The vibes are insane. A great example of emergent gameplay. There are no objectives or quest markers. No hand holding. Just you, alone on a station full of corpses, left to pick up the pieces. It's obvious the inspiration Half-Life took from this game. It's honestly a crime that System Shock doesn't get much attention. If you ask me, it belongs right up there with Doom as a pioneer of intelligent design. 
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Microsoft from Spain
I Remember when I was about 10 years old and had in my possession a Spanish magazine called PcMania, which in each issue included a CD with many programs and games shareware. Among them was System Shock, that when I tried I was amazed even when at that time did not understand what to do and obviously to be shareware only allowed me to play the first level. 20 years later I learn that relaunch the game with improvements, as they did compatible with Windows And EVEN ADDED MOUSELOOK ❤ ️. So without hesitation I took advantage to buy it, and so give it a great opportunity that before I could not or did not want. It Is a shooter with RPG elements and cyberpunk ambience. It Is the spiritual predecessor to the Bioshock saga. It Should be noted that it has a moderate degree of complexity and is not suitable for casual players. Much of that complexity is due to the controls (already inherited from the normal version) and it is difficult to get used to them, but it is a matter of patience. In General summaries you will collect weapons, ammunition, medicine kits, enhancers, voice data, messages (the latter two to be aware of the story), annihilating mutants and robots, and enter cyberspace to make hacks and so move forward for all Levels. I repeat: it will not be easy, even in a normal difficulty. But If you like challenges, this classic will be a long way from getting bored. 8/10. By the way, they are developing a remake that I look forward to.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Well recently I just finished the game. It is the best FPP [first person perspective] that I have played (This is not a FPS [first person Shooter = > First Man Shooting]). Because a FPP tends to mix many elements of other genres such as RPG, FPS, Shooter, Logic, Exploration, Stealth, etc. So I'll summarize things, to be a 1994 game. Based on the Classic version, which is the one that loads through DOSBox 0.74 in Liñux, the "Improved" does not even use "Wine is not emulator":(, That to work properly you must load it directly without Steam, but before suggest edit the file sshock. ini for Improve some things, besides that the classic edition does not have page to write analysis like the improved edition. If you are using SDL2 and OpenGL Because You do not have an adapted version and cover for Liñux? Returning to the analysis of System Shock Classic 1-Is a Masterpiece 2-The Engine, is 2.5 D, with impressive physics for the time 3-The Graphics are good if you consider the time 4-The Controls at first can be somewhat uncomfortable, but it is a matter of accustom Se 5-Your character you're improving through acquisitions of technological equipment not through levels and experience, To access some areas, functions or lights, you must hack some things or fail to get them in another game mode when you enter the " Cyberspace "6 – I find it extremely strange that this videogame genius has not been recreated as a MOD with another engine like: DarkPlaces, Yagami Quake 2, ioQuake3, IORTCW, IODOOM3, dhewm3 or some other type Free Software or at least Open Source. Looking on the Internet di with a Spanish translation of the text of this wonderful title, but replace the audio files to translate if it must be much more complicated. 7-The Story I think is great, in summary in the following: You Are a hacker that someone contract to modify the artificial intelligence of a space station in the orbit of Saturn called "Citadel", to remove the moral limitations. Thanks to this, the one who hired you, allows you to do a neural surgery so you can put on technological implants and the contractor erases all records of your existence, after the surgery lasted 6 months in recovery in the Citadel, and wake up. You realize that SHODAN artificial intelligence, doing biological experiments with the inhabitants of the station, and attempts to infect the earth, discharging itself in the nets of the planet, and sending its creations. And you're the only one who can do anything to avoid it.
A true classic, has some issues with control but it is a true breakthrough.