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BioShock Infinite review
by Catherine

I played BioShock Infinite on the PS3 a few years back but it never left my thoughts. I'm not one for FPS games, but this one... I meant to try it because the aesthetic was pretty, it seemed kind of steampunk-ish with a great, weird story. Boys and girls, was I right!

It took me a while getting used to the first-person POV (something I hate) and the shooting basis of the game (I prefer Tomb Raider-like games), but seriously, the design is so stunning I just wanted to keep on playing.

But you know what really influenced my decision? The gameplay itself! It's easy and while I found the "switching powers" mechanics a bit tricky, I LOVED IT! Give me those powers fueled by plasmids and all. After a few hours playing, I realized I was caught up in it. Whenever I would leave the game to do something in real life, I just wanted to get back to it! It was (and still is, in my opinion) THAT good.

Also, that floating city?! Marvelous!

Another note: that twisted and engrossing story just. hit. me. hard. As a huge bookworm (hang with me, here), I'm looking for twists and turns and an excellent dose of action. BioShock did more than deliver.

You know what it truly did?

It amazed and surprised me!

And that isn't easy as I figure out plot twists faster than I say "AWWWWWWWW" when I see a cat.

So, that's me, paying tribute to the one game that got me into FPS games (and into this series).

You're awesome, BioShock Infinite!

You age well, too.

- Catopatra
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»

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it's a fucking mess
it's not terrible, it is worth playing, but for years i've wondered why people absolutely hated it 
and now i get it lmao

the easiest thing to talk about is how the mechanics were downgraded into being Call of Duty but with plas- vigors and a hook ig
it's not as bad as that sounds, but it's very simplistic
there was very little strategy in how i'd play the game, i just stuck with a couple weapons i liked and that was that
this was done for the sake of the new heavy narrative focus, but it didn't have to be that way
actually, this game didn't have to be a shooter to begin with

this would have been the perfect opportunity to return to the immersive sim style gameplay that made the shock series a thing, because the absurd violence on display is precisely why the term "ludo narrative dissonance" became the bane of any games-writer's vocabulary
the story isn't necessarily about violence, but it does in some degree seek to critique booker's violent nature
lacking player choice IS part of the game's narrative, but you could've still played with that idea while allowing the player more agency to engage with the game beyond murdering people in ways that clash so fucking hard with the strengths of the game's narrative and presentation
because the strengths of the game have absolutely nothing to do with that

this is a gorgeous game, as always there's a lot of environmental storytelling that
while not very subtle like
it's still good to have there - bioshock has NEVER been subtle
and it's all wasted when the narrative is constantly pushing you forward
bioshock 1 and 2 encouraged you to explore more often than not, even if they both had a little arrow guiding you to your next objective constantly

i lack the time or patience to go super in depth with the narrative, but i'll touch on a few things of personal note

how the game handles the revolutionary aspect of its fiction is fucking terrible, it's some game of thrones season 8 bullshit
that "the oppressed are really just as bad as the oppressors" centrist drivel that only works because the writers purposefully made their revolutionist side of the conflict turn into The Bad Thing
you'll hear booker say "they're all terrible, all grifters" or whatever before the Vox Populi have been shown to be anything but the thing that Columbia needs
when shortly before then he'd be saying that sometimes places need people like the Vox
as if something happened to make him change his mind beyond the leader being mean to him
some of this is addressed in the game's dlc, but it does very little to excuse the complete mistreatment of this aspect of the game given that it goes to great lengths to point out that Columbia is stupidly racist 

the alternate reality aspect is something that i feel gets too much hate, as i honestly could care fucking less about whether or not it makes pure logical sense
i do feel that it's very simplistic, but suspend your disbelief a bit and it's easy for it to end up working out
the dynamic between Booker and Elizabeth makes the game worth playing alone, and their conclusions are worth the fuckery written to get them there
the fuckery written to turn Daisy Fitzroy into "murdering white kids is cool, actually" isn't
i think there is a line between contrivance that's okay and contrivance that's not
but, ideally, you wouldn't have either, which is why i'm not gonna even begin to call the game's narrative clever or standout

it's well done in enough aspects to warrant the trip but there's a reason why the game nowadays has a lot of critics, and if i felt more inclined i could probably write a full on essay about it

but for now, it was okay
Overall: 8.5/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Story: 9/10
Music: 8.5/10

(WIP) Really phenomenal game. More in depth review to come, but well worth the play. Mechanics are a lot of fun, building on the core things that made Bioshock as a series shine and adding twists that only a city in the sky could allow. The story is compelling and lovely, and the twists are often genuinely unexpected. By the end you are emotionally attached to the characters, and the game does what Bioshocks do best: leaving you with a slight existential dread and awe, wondering what the ending of the game truly meant, and wanting to replay it again to find any hints you missed. 
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
BioShock Infinite PC - Finished on 09/13/2020
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
9/10 - my name is also AD but ok
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
Total mind boggling experience playing this sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure game (who knows the right genre?). The protagonist is a traveler, searching for a girl, and encounters strange world events till the end. The choice of weapons, controls, AI, game interaction, everything is so perfectly crafted, you can't even imagine making it better. A must-play-before-you-die title...
«Blew my mind»
8/10 - Smother.
«Blew my mind»
The gameplay is satisfying enough, and the art style is very pretty, but the story is absolute bοllοcks to the point of getting on my wick.
Constants and variables.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Rewrite BioShock Infinite is one of the best Games I've played so far. Not only is the Main Game awesome, but the DLCs can also keep up with this Quality. Main Game 1st Story The main hype reason-and that's right. There's just no exposure to the Story, it's constantly interesting and rips you through the Game. Also very successful Is the no less important Storytelling, which always happens in Gameplay and is limited to blunt waiting and Listening or Cutscenes only in Exceptional Situations. 2. Gameplay The classic shooter gameplay that consists of different Opponent classes (including Firemen, mobile Phone, Grenadiers, Patriots, gun Towers, etc.) and some, not particularly inspired weapons (Gun, revolver, sniper rifle, machine gun, etc.) Is greatly expanded: Eight different Forces that can be used both directly and as Traps, the Skyhook, which serves as a Melee (exuutions) weapon and extremely dynamic Means of transport, and Elizabeth herself, who is involved in the Fight with Medipacks, Ammunition and Salt, and at the same time with fixed Cracks Can "summon" cover, Gun Towers, allies, Bait and some other Aids. Also making a good Contribution is the delightfully exaggerated Depiction of Violence, with which it looks incredibly satisfactory to kill an opponent with a lot of Blood. 3. Graphic Even if the Graphics in Detail do not look very beautiful (2D props, Women, Unlike Men, have gigantic eyes, Animations repeat frequently, etc.), it brings the Mood over very well. Especially the first Scenes are extremely impressive. As the Game progresses, it gets murkier, Lights flicker, the Mood becomes distressed and tense. Even so, the Game manages to conjure up impressive Panoramas over and over again that just amaze you. DLCs I recommend the Season Pass. This brings the following DLCs together at a good Discount. Clash in the Clouds This is a fun Mode that fights waves of Enemies in four different Areas. Over Time, you can improve your Equipment, from weapons to Infusions and Clothing to Forces. Especially with the first Waves, it is later simply fun to finish overpowering Enemies. Money earned in the Waves can be unlocked at the Museum Concept Arts, Making Ofs, Movies, Soundtracks and Models. In addition, your own Score can be compared with Friends or worldwide. Burial at Sea-Episode 1 The Story perfectly complements that of the Main Game, sets an exciting Cliffhanger to Episode 2 and fits well into the BioShock universe. The Gameplay becomes calmer and refers to smaller Groups of opponents. The Storytelling, unlike the Main Game, is weaker and rather happens at the End-but then it gets really gripping. Actually, I would recommend this DLC FOR Rapture alone. It's fascinating to walk and discover through the Underwater City, though not as well as in Columbia. Burial at Sea-Episode 2 Where Episode 1 disappointed, Episode 2 puts three Raps on top. The Story is once again more complex, building Bridges between Columbia and Rapture, Elizabeth and Songbird, Little Sisters and Big Daddys. The Storytelling can now keep up with the Main Game and the Finale is almost more impressive. The Gameplay this time is designed for Stealth. There are some Ways to bypass or relocate opponents, even if complex Tactics are not in place. A little annoying is that back tracking likes to be used, but that's forgivable. However, the 1998 mode, in which no enemies can be killed in addition to the highest Degree Of Difficulty, is too simple because you can continue to stun enemies. After Playing Through all of these, I can rightly say that the Story is one of the best, if not the best, in History. Not only Are Columbia fans impressed in the DLCs, but BioShock 1 & 2 players are also discovering new Aspects. Buy.