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Night in the Woods review
by Curious_Cat

Five Word Review: Neat adventure with interesting cast.
Favorite Thing: The characters are great, especially Mae and Gregg.
Least Favorite Thing: It take a little too long before the story gets going.

Date Completed: 2018-03-11
Playtime: 8h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: Yes, it's a solid adventure game - weird story, cool art, great music.
Sir Lagsalot
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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Night in the Woods is an interesting Adventure with amiable Characters and varied Gameplay. It offers a more of a small Game world, which I have run over and over again For most of the Game to conduct Dialogues with the Inhabitants of Possum Springs. That sounds pretty Sleeve and Boring? Was it too, it didn't give me any Fun, the Dialogues with the different Characters were mostly Quite entertaining. The Dialogues are also what makes the Game. It also has small Mini-games, which I felt more disturbing because they travel you out of the relaxed Gamplay within a few Seconds and throw you into, for example, a relatively fast rhythm Game, some like it, I was clearly a Too high a contrast in Gameplay. The Graphics are quite simple, but the high beautiful. My only Criticism is that the Game kills my Memory. I have 16GB of Memory and had massive FPS slumps in the final chapter of the Game. I like the Music, simple Piano Dudel and Indie-rock Are included. Perfect for feeling sorry for yourself while opening the next Bag Of Chips on the Sofa and wondering why you're still awake at 3:00. I also hate the Dream Sections. They're long, annoying and I'd rather have had a black Screen for five Minutes and, meanwhile, would have gone piss than play them. They were the high important for the Plot, but I think you could have made them more interesting. Conclusion: Interesting Adventure with beautifully Crafted Chakers, a little too Bland game world and contrasting Gameplay. I fands super. I apologize for very likely spelling And Grammar errors
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Night in the Woods is a fantastic Game. Here you experience the Story of the Cat Mae, who has just been thrown out of College and now meets her old Friends Gregg (CRIMES!), Bea and Angus again in Possum Springs. In Doing so, she has to learn that Time flies and Things change. Add to that her Depression and Life Crises, with Mae questioning her Exuence. The Game shows that you should enjoy the Moment and use the Time you have. But The Main Story also has some other Mysteries waiting to be discovered (with the Weird Autumm Update in December even more:D). In addition to the Main Story, there are also many beautiful Side stories, such as Germ, which make the Game even more wonderful. Nevertheless, there are two Things that annoy me about the Game: 1. Some Jump n Run Parts are sometimes real to The Kotzen and need some Tries until you have finally done it or you think that you really can't get there. But these are really just exceptional cases and they are forceful. 2nd Demontower ... Yes, Demontower is there as a Mini-game and you don't have to play it. But if you're trying to create 100% in the Game, it's TO KOTZEN. How can you make such an aggressive dungeon Scroller into such a beautiful, calm and atmospheric Game ... I don't understand. It scratched my Love of the Game. But as I said, Whoever Is as Achievmentgeil As I am has to go through it. Everyone else: FINGER WEG! (That's almost as bad as Playing Pumkinheadguy on a Keyboard ...) FAZIT: NITW is a wonderful Game where everything fits together. Graphics, Music, History-everything so lovingly and perfectly attuned to each other. This Game comforts you when you are sad. I LOVE Life in the Woods and I recommend everyone to play this Game at least once:) PS: WEIRD AUTUMM:D
I just wanna plaaaay this awesome gaaaame
If only i could only ever meat May
I just wanna have more tiiime for this gaaame
An-y-where an-y-time
Oh no!
«Blew my mind»
«Sit back and relax»
A very story-focused game revolving around a college drop-out. You return to your suburban home, parents and a few friends, then a mystery happens. (Btw, I think this game has some best creepy moments for a not-so-scary game.) It conveys the feeling of hanging out with friends perfectly, so you might well recognize your real friends or even yourself in all these pauses, jokes, smirks. The story is actually pretty linear, but still it alters a bit based on your choices, so you feel really as a part of the game. If that all sounds interesting to you, check it out.
It's a playable story, not just a game, so if you don't like lots of text in playing, skip it. If you are okay with that, than listen closesly – this is one of the best indies out there. It can compare with the likes of Life is Strange, etc. The characters are fresh and have interesting personalities. The gameplay itself is just talking, hanging out with people and investigating a weird mystery along the way. The fact that you can do only a few things each day and the story changes with it gives the game a solid replayability rate. If you like the good art and writing, you'll like this.
«Sit back and relax»
It's an extremely fresh story and a lot of fun, a strange mix of this and that which is very hard to put in a single category. Absolutely not demanding on a PC and has a great visual style and music. This is exactly why indie games should get more attention.
The game is a talking and listening simulator because all characters talk for paragraphs on and on and can't stop. However, the writing is great, so you don't really get bored, but if you are a fan of run and gun and for some reason you are reading this review, consider it a warning. The meat of the game is talking to characters and decide who to spend your time with. There;s also a bit of platforming, but that's not the point of the game. The music and design are awesome as you might expect, so if you like a good story, I absolutely recommend this game.