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Remember Me review
by Cynthia

Although a well exploited budget and great idea, it's still nothing special and somehow it's not entirely its own fault. 

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I really expected more from the Game as it was rated quite well from the Reviews. Unfortunately, I can't confirm the good Ratings after playing through the Game now. Playing Through the Game was exhausting rather than exciting. It's similar to Bioshock Infinite. Very good Story, but bad Game design. With "Remember Me," however, there is also a not very good Story, i.e. both the Story is not particularly imaginative And there are many rough Carvers from the Game design. The Game crashed several times during My Play With Error message and a few Times the Game just "hung up," so just didn't react anymore and I had to restart. The German Synchro is sometimes extremely behind, but you can apologize for that, since not much Emphasis was placed on the Localization, which one also noticed in the Speakers. You notice to the Game that it was designed for Console. Typical Features for this are that you cannot store freely. The Game automatically saves at certain Points. But why are these Checkpoints set So extremely poorly??? Sometimes you have to take senseless actions over and over again because the Memory Point has just been put wrong and since you can't save freely, you have to start in the same Place again and again, although this is completely unnecessary. You also have to Start completely From the front with multi-stage Boss fights, although it would be much better if you could start in the boss fight at the last Stage. Another typical phenomenon in Consoles is the annoying Quicktime events. Again, you can't manage these at the first Attempt, because you lose immediately as soon as you don't react in time and then have to Start again from The Front. Here, other Console Games make it a lot Better, which simply make the Quicktime Event fairer, so that you can also make it right away and not only make it at the umpteenth time. The situation is similar to the Quicktime Events with the Gameplay, which is sometimes just not clear, and you have to look for a very long time until you know where it actually goes on. Something like this prevents a liquid Playing of the Game and is actually completely unnecessary. The Combat System is actually quite good and gradually expands or you unlock more and more combos and can focus on either maximum damage, Healing, or other additional Effects. In the Beginning you have a simple Combo, where you only have to press the same Button 3 times. Gradually you can unlock better and more complex Combos. Unfortunately, everything is only explained very badly and you can ultimately only look through pure Trying out what exactly is happening. Since I didn't try much, I actually played through the full Game with my first simplest 3/4 combo. Both the Standard Opponents and all Bosses I defeated as a result and in the End you wonder what you have to unlock the other Combos for when you get through the whole Game with the simplest Combo!? Even if you can do everything with the simplest Combo, it has to be said that you simply get stuck pointlessly at some Points because the Opponents are unnecessarily heavy or it is not clear what exactly you have to do. Now that I have only Listed negative things, there is something Good that I would like to mention. In the Game, the Main Character can penetrate and influence the memory of Others. This is a very exciting and innovative Game element, which I enjoyed a lot, but why is it not used and used a lot more often in the Game, because that is what the Game can set itself apart from other Game. Unfortunately, a great Deal of potential has been given away here. Another Plus is the coherent Graphic that fits easily. Even if you notice that the Graphics come from the Console and have not yet exhausted the PC at Expanses. In the End, all I can say is that I can't really recommend the Game I played through after. Since the negative Points, the positive ones simply outweigh the ones. Of course, this is just a personal Impression and for another, the Game is an abosolute Recommendation. If you have the Game in your Steambibliothek, you can try it out and form your own Opinion on it. However, I do not explicitly make a Recommendation for purchase Because of the weaknesses mentioned above!