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Super Meat Boy review
by Dom

Hardest game I've ever beaten.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Right in Advance: Not recommended for People with weak Nerves and zero Stamina. Personally, I just think it's good! It is completely challenging but all the more satisfying when you create a Level. It has nothing to do with Luck that the liquid Game control tests the skill lvl of the Player! I personally think the Music is good and appropriate to the Game. The Graphics are also in full order for this complex Game. There are also many Characters here that you can unlock and have all the individual Techniques on it that can make some Levels easier. A gripping Story doesn't have it, doesn't do anything to the Point either, but for that Humour and wit viel. The Addictive Potential here is also very great, because the Levels are not too big and you quickly reappear around ... To be killed xD. The Price for the Game is completely okay. I have Played it 13 h and there will definitely be more Hours to come ^^ Little tip at the ride: Controller is recommended here!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Pros:-One of the best and most varied Level designs in the entire Industry-Genial earworm soundtrack that you won't forget Anytime soon-Precise control with the Gamepad-Very humorous and funny Cutscenes-Very coherent comic look, With entertaining meatclotz sounds-The replay feature at the End of each Level is a great Gimmick-300 Levels in 5 + Chapters that maintain a nice Learning Curve-Unlockable Characters from other Games (The Kid, Bitrunner, etc.)-An optional level Editor and Massily Additional Level-Timing is a very important Factor-There is an online and friends leaderboard to compete with other Players or Friends-Very stark speed-run potential (so what some Players do in this Game is incredible) Cons:-Questionable Hit boxes that are sometimes confusing-Many trial And error Passages, which could deter Newcomers-The Control by Keyboard is very unpleasant-The Game can not be minimized As surely an Error will occur conclusion: Super Meat Boy is A suitable game For frust-resistant Masochists who are looking for a bock-heavy Platformer And love Challenges. The Game has made for broken trigger buttons and a sore Index finger. I like to take that on myself, though, to play through the Game. It was rarely so satisfying to master a Level skillfully. Even with the Boss fights, which have been designed interestingly, you can't get around the full Concentration. What I personally love about the Game, however, is the excellent and varied Level Design of the individual Levels, whether dark, pixelated, contrasting or even traumatic. Note: Nothing for Vegetarians!
Super Meat Boy has a pretty steep difficulty curve, but it's also a very rewarding experience. Once you get that rhythm down and you zip through levels flawlessly it's incredible. The frustration is outweighed by the fun. 
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»