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DemonStar review
by JamesEmirzianWaldementer

One of the most famous indie computer game at all times to likely see the DemonStar, An 2D space shooter game style like Raiden, Tyrian, Other Space Shooter Genre. It is originally back in 1996, ionos brought to DemonStar provided to made their beta version launching up to Indie PC Windows Games, Instead are looks 2D / 3D space shooter through theme in air and ground. After next year, They setting on the 1997 version of DemonStar by changing into the 2D sprites within used this engine (modified custom game engine), I took about played this game and through with feeling Mountain King Studios, Inc. is the great game studios in history.

I was production contribution with Mountain King Studios, Inc. got about 10 / 10 feel is very enjoyable.
«Beaten more than once»