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by Austin


+ Awesome idea for game; lots of potential
+ Simple visuals conducive to gameplay

- Amateur framing device
- Never advances past initial puzzle premise

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This feels more like a proof of concept than a finished game. Unfortunately just too short for me to feel like it was excellent or anything.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Superhot" is very ... Different. A Special One in the FPS field, if you will. While his genre brothers and – Sisters try to catch players ' attention on a noisy, brachial, at times dull or whistle-fast way, "Superhot" Goes completely in the opposite Direction. Permanent itchy Fingers on the Trigger and overhitting Reflexes don't take you any further here, on the Contrary, it is the pure (and well considered) movement that decides on Success or Defeat. Every step, every Shot, every Action accelerates the Action in an abstract-held VR world in which time without Intervention only moves ultra-slowly, while Red-crystal opponents make the (Over) life difficult for Us. Not understood a Word? Okay, I'll go into that in a moment. Bloss, when asked what "Superhot" should be so "super" or even "hot," I have no Answer to that myself. :-B Via Chat, an Internet acquaintance gives us the Game "Superhot." And we play it, of course. Want to see more after each hosted Level. But then another Person hacks into our private chat and threatens us with Consequences if we don't let go of "Superhot." We don't give any more to touch before the Game ... And ultimately do. Because we can't help it ... Difficult to describe the very cryptically held story more precisely, but from the Point of view of the idea it is not so bad at all and ends with a surprising Bang, so much is said. But it is really important, it is not really important, it is certain: There are 32 Levels in which we simply have to break down all the opponents facing us – all red-colored, faceless Types – into crystal fragments. Although, SO just doesn't, because "Superhot" doesn't work like ordinary Shooters, and yet we look at it just like that, the Screen death with 99.9% is likely. Every freshly started level runs in super slomotion, even if we just stop. Let us, however, set ourselves in motion that Time and so do our Enemies. With Careful observation and Skillful Maneuvers, one has to find the most tactically promising Way and use the Time Manipulation for your own Benefit. We can blow our red Counterpart away with bare Fists, blow away with Firearms or carve it out with sharp-edged katana sword. Since these virtual Traffic Lights are not defenceless and know how to deal with the same weapons, it will once again be a Corner of trickier to keep the Enemies at a Distance and at the same time slowly dodge passing Projectiles. In Addition, any Weapon – Exceeds Katana – can only be used a few Times due to heavily limited ammunition. When the Balls are used up, you have to think about it instantly. Do I Go to the next Weapon even though the Guys have me in The Crossfire? Am I Trying my Luck and raising the Weapon out of my Hand to the next? Do I grab any Object and dust my target opponent with a targeted throw? Since no Level is similar to the other and the Freedom of Movement is sometimes more, sometimes less limited, the Player has to completely switch to any new Situation or Opponent wave. Especially in later Levels these are sometimes very skimpy boxes, the restart button is guaranteed not to be boring. But all in all, "Superhot" is served quite quickly, because with at most 2 To 3 hours, the story mode is decidedly supershort ... Well, you can laugh later. * g * After that, you can let off steam at any unlocked single level at will, trying out alternative Modes (E.g. for Bests, Permadeauts or endless arenas). Whether this is just as motivated in the Long run, I leave it open ... "Superhot" not only has an innovative Game approach, but also a very independent And memorable Graphic style. Brightly lit, texture-free, clinical-pure white Environments, along with the red guys and the black weapon/throwing objects – a very garish color Contrast in an artificial VR world. The Soundscape, on the other hand, is not Able to set any special Accents. Musical sound Is omitted, the few action sound effects are correctly reproduced in alternating Pitches (depending on the Slowing or Slowing down) depending on the pace of the game. Conclusion: "Superhot" can boast of enriching the FPS genre with fresh gameplay impulses, because a similarly slow yet as demanding shooter as this one can't be found a second Time At the Moment. However, the Fact that you get an extremely meagre scope of the game for around 20 Euros has to be taken into account.
The game is very entertaining, and that is very simple! 10/10
«Can’t stop playing»
frustrating and I like it 
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
A tremendous game concept (time moves forward only as your character moves) masterfully executed. Unfortunately the VR adaptation of SUPERHOT isn't quite as good as the normal 2D version. But this is without question THE most innovative shooter I've played in years.
It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years.

Very unique and stylish game - time moves only when you move. The story takes ~2 hours, but there's a lot of replayability through Endless levels, Challenge Modes, mini-games and hidden achievements and secrets in the story.
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»